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Database From JavaScript: Taffy DB

For JavaScript and AJAX applications, Taffy DB is a beautiful tool. Taffy DB is an open source JavaScript library that acts as a data layer inside the applications. Just think of it as a SQL database in your web browser. Let's say you have a collection of products and you want to find every product that costs ...


21° Test (Sample) Data Generators

Sample / test data is an effective way to test web projects & applications. Other than meaningless data, real names, addresses, zip codes can make the whole testing stage easier. WebResourcesDepot have collected some nice free test data generators which you may find useful:   GenerateData GenerateData is ...


Connection String Examples For All Data Sources

ConnectionStrings.com is a website which shows connection string examples for nearly every data source including: MySQL MSSQL Postgre SQL Informix Paradox Textfile & many more Website also provides connection string examples for different connection types like ODBC, OLE DB, ...


MySQL Backup And Restore Management With MySQLDumper

MySQL restore is sometimes a bad experience if the database size is bigger than the allowed limit or the execution time of the restore script is not enough. Users generally restore databases with desktop softwares or through the command line in such situations. MySQLDumper is a backup & restore management script ...