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jui_datagrid is a jQuery plugin, making use of jQuery UI, that comes with lots of features for presenting and managing data.

It has built-in pagination, sorting, editing, deleting and advanced searching.

The datagrid can be used with any scripting language (a PHP class comes with the download package) and its look can be totally customized (Themeroller-friendly).


A “preferences” option enables users to choose which columns and features to show/hide.

And, a powerful API exists for controlling/integrating the datagrid however wanted.

dgrid is an open source, advanced and highly flexible datagrid component for Dojo.

It makes use of modern web technologies, lightweight in size and runs pretty fast.

The functionality can be extended with ready-to-use column plugins (editor, tree, etc.) and extensions (drag 'n' drop, pagination..). Any new ones can be created as well.

dgrid - Dojo Datagrid

The look/feel of the grids can be completely customized with the theming support. There is support for keyboard interactions and it is tested to work in mobile too.

dgrid is very well documented with examples and tutorials to easily get started.

jTable is a jQuery plugin for creating Ajaxed and feature-rich CRUD interfaces with little effort.

The plugin generates all the HTML required and uses jQuery UI for "add new/edit record" dialogs.

Records can be browsed with Ajaxed pagination and they can be sorted (server-side) as well.


jTable can be set to display sub-tables for a given record which is handy for listing any sub-details.

The interface is completely themable via CSS (there are already several themes) and the resource is very well-documented.

P.S. There are samples provided on using jTable with PHP and ASP.NET

For data-driven web applications, we usually create an admin interface for managing this data where many parts of it are actually about listing records within a grid.

GroceryCrud is a CodeIgniter-powered resource that can auto-generate a fully-functional create/read/update/delete interface very quickly.

Once it is integrated into a CodeIgniter installation, a new grid with CRUD features can be created with only a few lines of code and it can have pagination, sorting + search, all with Ajax.


The generated data-entry forms can have both server-side and client-side validation where custom rules can be integrated easily.

It is possible to only use the desired columns and there are callbacks almost everywhere for further customizations.