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Finding a name is an important part of every project and this process is getting harder and harder as many domain names are already taken. is a website that helps finding a domain in a more organized way with the usability it offers.

First of all, the interface is pretty plain and this eases focusing on the search. The search works as-you-type and displays results for the popular extensions instantly.

If a domain is not available, a common move is usually browsing that website to see what it is about. PCNames can show its thumbnail so you can get back to searching quickly.

The website keeps track of the search history and lets you favorite any names. Even if you return back to the website few days later, you can find your search list and decide on a name, no need to write down the names on a paper.

Another handy feature is the available domain name suggestions that are offered while you search.

There are also various tools that you can make use of like:

To sum up, is a must-bookmark resource for finding a domain name.

LaunchSplash is a fresh web based service which enables you to create a free launch page.

Free Launch Page

Creating a launch page is not a difficult task for a developer/designer. On the other hand, LaunchSplash offers some free tools like:

  • E-mail signup form
  • 25+ templates
  • Ability to override CSS
  • Traffic analysis of the launch page
  • Ability to use your domain name with domain mapping

Considering these, it can be a handy tool for a fast start.

Many users updating a domain’s DNS addresses while switching web hosting companies, probably, has an experience with new DNS addresses not being activated in a short time & spent some time with checking if they are activated or not.

DNSPinger is free web-based service that checks the domain name provided every 3 minutes for 24 hours and notifies the user via e-mail when the DNS update is activated.

DNSPinger DNS Update Alert

The story

Few days ago, I updated the DNS addresses of a domain name and it took more than 12 hours to activate and I spent some time with pinging it to see if the hosting switch was successful. Rather than checking for it anymore, I created a .vbs file that would check the update status and notify me.

Hoping to help other users having the same problem, here is DNSPinger, an easy to use DNS update notifier.

If you’re dealing frequently with domain names, bookmark DNSPinger and it’ll save your time.