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Whoops is a PHP library for handling errors and debugging them much easily.

The library provides stack-based error handling with a good-looking error interface.

PHP Error Reporting Library - Whoops

It has a simple API for dealing with exceptions, trace frames + their data and can integrate with any framework (ready-to-use integrations exist for end and Silex).

Whoops has no dependencies to run and has the ability to open referenced files directly in your editor and IDE.

When a website visitor faces a JavaScript error, they may not realize it or even they realize it only few of them may inform you about the problem. And you may never find out the problem if someone does not warn you.

DamnIT, built with JavaScriptMVC framework, is a great free service which notifies you when a JavaScript error occurs in your websites via e-mail.

JavaScript Error Reporting

How to use this JavaScript error reporting service?

  • Sign up with DamnIT
  • Insert the JavaScript code provided to your webpages
  • Configure the service from your membership area.

Optionally, DamnIT can be configured to provide an interface for your visitors to enter a feedback about the error.