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If you are planning to create a Chrome browser extension, Alex Wolkov, a talented extension developer has created a tool to ease the process.

It is called Extensionizr which enables anyone to create a custom skeleton for the extension to be created.


The tool has various options to choose like: the extension type, background page, content scripts, permissions to Chrome modules and more.

Extensionizr is a good start to create a Chrome extension and it is also open source.

Tych Panel is a free and open source Adobe Photoshop extension for automating the process of placing pictures side by side with pre-defined sizes.

It simplifies creating diptychs, triptychs, quadtychs and almost any type of custom layouts.

Tych Panel

There is support for "Smart Objects" and, when enabled, all layers are converted to "Smart Objects" and get the appropriate layer masks.

The extension also comes with various other options like the ability to run actions, adding a background color to compositions and more.

Moo.rd is a Mootools extension that gives useful and powerful functionalities to developers like a lot of effects, customizable standards, utility native functions, table management, virtual boxes and many more.

This lightweight JavaScript library is modular, flexible, and completely compatible with all MooTools plug-ins.

Moo.rd Mootools Extension

Like MooTools, moo.rd respects strict standards, doesn’t generate any type of warnings and is compatible with all major browsers.

Pagepeel, or the "magic corner" type banners were invented by Visualsteel.

They create a new banner area for websites without effecting the current banner areas and easy to implement. On the other hand, pagepeel banners have a relatively high "click per view ratio".

Pageear Pagepeel Banner

Including Pageear to the websites requires the steps below:

– Download Pageear files.
– Unzip the filed in a folder.
– Create to images with sizes 100×100 and 500×500. 100×100 sized image is the one which will be shown when Pageear is closed and 500×500 will be shown when user mouse overs the Pageear banner. You can pageear_b.jpg ve pageear_s.jpg files as an example. BTW, .GIF and .PNG are not supported.
– Open the Pageear.js file wit a text editor and update the paths to the .JPG and .SWF files depending on your setup.
– Include Pageear.js and AC_OETags.js in to the webpages where Pageear banner will be displayed (example below).
– Place the writeObjects() javascript function under your body tag.
– That’s all.

Pageear can also be implemented easily with the ready to use WordPress plugin, Joomla module or Typo3 extension (download links below).

Html Code Example

<script src= " /path_on_your_server/AC_OETags.js " mce_src= " /path_on_your_server/AC_OETags.js " language= " Javascript " ></script>
<script src= " /path_on_your_server/pageear.js " mce_src= " /path_on_your_server/pageear.js " type= " text/Javascript " ></script>
<! – Beginning of contents – >
Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum
<! – End of contents->

<script type= " text/Javascript " >
writeObjects ();