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Pimcore: Opensource & Zend+ExtJS Powered CMS

Pimcore is a feature-rich and robust PHP content management system, that is built with Zend Framework, for creating and managing digital content + assets. The interface is powered with ExtJS and almost all editing is done via drag 'n' drops. It is possible to work on multiple documents at the same time with ...


Open Source RIA Framework For .NET: LiveUI

LiveUI is a powerful, flexible & open source rich internet application framework for .NET. It has a modular system which allows sharing .ascx user controls & resources between ASP.NET web applications. Working with JavaScript from ASP.NET applications becomes simple as the framework includes tools for ...


Web-Based Multiple MySQL Manager – AeroSQL

AeroSQL is an open source web application, for managing MySQL databases. It can control databases from different servers in a single, desktop-like interface where records can be easily browsed or edited within a grid. The application displays every query executed & can run a batch of sql queries to save you ...