Tag: Firefox

Koders Helps Finding Open Source Code

Koders is a search engine that is a must-bookmark for developers. It is used for quickly finding open source code, methods, examples, algorithms and more. It searches code written in 30+ languages & categorized with 28 different licence types. Koders also has pluging for Eclipse, Visual Studio & Firefox ...


Sketching And Prototyping Tool: Pencil Project

Pencil Project is a free sketching & GUI prototyping tool which can be installed as a Firefox add-on or a standalone application. You can paste a screenshot of a webpage and play with it's built-in stencils like form elements & objects to sketch a design idea. Pencil Project is very functional when you ...


Entire Page Screenshot Plugin For Firefox: Screengrab!

Every web designer pushes the "Print Screen" button few times a day to work on the screenshot or just to find the color codes of a specific area. When the whole webpage screenshot is needed "Print Screen" may not be enough. Screengrab! is a Firefox plugin which helps you to get the entire page ...


Website Reachable Alert Firefox Plugin: Mr Uptime

Mr Uptime is one of the Firefox plugins that I use and love. Everybody has an experience with websites being unreachable because of web hosting or technical problems. After that, we may forget to check that website again or spend so much time to see whether it is online or not. Mr Uptime simply informs the user when ...


Test Your Website Design In Different Browsers In Minutes

With many different operating systems, many browsers and different browser versions the design of a website can look different to every user. Testing your website in different browsers easily is possible. Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source ...