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Content sliders are one of the most used elements of today’s web design. They help us a lot when we have limited space but more things to display.

jQuery Slider Shock is a very impressive (probably the most-customizable and feature-rich) jQuery slider plugin (with WordPress support) that comes with both free and paid versions.

jQuery Slider Shock

The plugin is capable of presenting both images and videos that are hosted locally or from external sources like RSS, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram.

It has 30+ transition effects which include very original, creative ones and they can be customized as well (like the number of slices, delay or speed).

Items featured can be browsed with thumbnails that can be placed on any side of the slider, prev-next buttons (multiple designs exist) or keyboard.

Captions can be added to each slide and HTML can be used in them. Also, captions can be improved with background images as well.

jQuery Slider Shock

Like mentioned, the plugin has WordPress support. Actually, it integrates with WordPress deeply.

It can use WordPress posts, custom post types and taxonomies as the source for the slider or captions can include author and date info.

And, there are ~40 ready-to-use skins for changing the layout instantly.

jQuery Slider Shock is very well-documented (both the jQuery and WordPress versions).

How to join the giveaway?

In order to get a chance to win one of the 10 Combo WP+jQuery licenses being given away, you can do one or both of the stuff mentioned below:

That’s all.

The winners will be selected randomly on 15 Nov 2012 (1 week later) randomly and good luck to all.


Here they are:

  • @Smartik89
  • SamChan (comment #827509)
  • Hani (comment #825308)
  • Rin Chan (comment #825733)
  • @venced0r
  • @hasentopf
  • zahid (comment #833130)
  • Carlos (comment #824784)
  • der_robert (comment #825025)
  • Jeff (comment #825268)

Congratulations to everyone and thanks to everyone for joining.

Flickrshow is a simple JavaScript slideshow application for presenting Flickr images.

The application doesn't require any JavaScript frameworks but, if jQuery is detected, it can function like any other jQuery plugin.

It has the ability to display images of a specific user, set, group, gallery and/or tags.


The number of images to be shown "per page", autoplay being on/off, user control being on/off and the interval between each item can all be defined.

There are also callbacks on every level (onLoad, onMove, onPause, onPlay) for customizing it more.

P.S. Flickrshow was shared at WRD long time ago and, since then, it has changed a lot and deserves a 2nd attention

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  • Previously, WRD had shared Pubwich, an open source application that can fetch data from different sources.

    It is not updated since 2010 and there is a regularly updated fork named PubwichFork.

    To remind, the application can aggregate any published data from multiple sources including websites + social networks and display them in a single-page.


    The sources supported include Atom, RSS, Delicious, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, and more.

    PubwichFork is built with PHP and it is a handy project for quickly having a personal website that you almost do nothing to update but manages to keep fresh.

    The giveaway of 5 Pro licenses of TN3 Gallery, a highly flexible jQuery plugin for creating image galleries, has ended today and the winners are selected.

    In case this is the first time you hear about this impressive plugin, here is a quick snapshot of its features:

    What is TN3 Gallery?

    This jQuery plugin allows us to create image galleries with multiple albums easily.

    It can create thumbnails automatically (on the server-side with a PHP script), position these thumbnails vertically or horizontally and enables us to browse image by simply clicking on them.

    TN3 Gallery

    Other browsing options include prev-next buttons, mouse-wheel + keyboard support, auto-slideshow and bullet-type-of-navigation.

    It can use XML as the data source that is a useful feature for integration with 3rd party softwares, can display Flickr images, has a powerful API and much more.

    The winners

    The random query is ran and here are the 5 lucky winners:

    • Lustucru (comment #353739)
    • Wai (comment #353772)
    • André Gonçalves (comment #353803)
    • Kevin Thomas (comment #358316)
    • Lucky (comment #354314)


    TN3 Gallery is a professional and very flexible jQuery image gallery plugin for displaying and rotating a collection of images in various ways.

    It works cross-browser (including mobile), has multiple transition effects, can show captions and present the thumbnails horizontally or vertically.

    TN3 Gallery

    The plugin can automatically generate these thumbnails with or without resizing them on the server-side (with the help of a PHP file) and enable users to browse the gallery by clicking to these thumbnails.

    Thumbnails are not the only way to view the images, there are also prev-next buttons, mouse-wheel + keyboard support, auto-slideshow and, optionally, bullet-type-of-navigation can be used rather than thumbnails.

    A lovely feature is the ability to present multiple albums with each album having its own thumbnail and caption to help users better understand "what is inside".

    TN3 Gallery Multiple Albums

    TN3 Gallery can use XML as the data source which is great for integrating the gallery with 3rd party software like CMS applications.

    For maximum customization, the API comes to the aid in every point with functions to change everything.

    There are also many other features like Flickr integration, skinning, fullscreen display, support for Cufon or @font-face and more.

    It comes in 3 flavors;

    • Lite: with limited features and free
    • Pro: with all the features and licenses to a single site
    • Multi-Site: with all the features and licenses to unlimited sites

    How to join the giveaway?

    In order to win one of the 5 Pro Licenses, just comment to this post and winners will be selected on 20 June 2011 (1 week later) with the query below:

    SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=2300 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 5

    Good luck!

    Flogr is an open source PHP application that can display photos hosted on Flickr as a customizable gallery.

    It can be set to display all Flickr photos, only photos with certain tags or only certain photosets.


    The application can show photo details, EXIF data, tags, geo-location and even comments. There is also a map viewer for geo-tagged items.

    There is an embedded lightbox script (SlimBox) for photo slideshows.

    Flogr generates a tag cloud from the tags of images for easing browsing through large number of photos and there is support for RSS.

    So So Social is a jQuery plugin which parses RSS feeds from your various social networks and displays them as an "activity feed".

    Thanks to YQL, it doesn't require any server-side scripts and can be completely customized with the help of CSS + JS settings.

    So So Social jQuery Plugin

    By default, the plugin supports Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Last.FM, Delicious and Flickr.

    In order to add more services, just digging the code and extending it with the same methodology will be enough.

    Pubwich is an open-source PHP application that enables anyone to display the data from multiple websites/services in a single HTML page.

    It is a perfect "instant website" for anyone who is active in social networks.


    Besides the ability to show content of any website via RSS/Atom feeds, it supports popular web services like:

    • Delicious
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
    • ReaderNaut
    • Twitter
    • Vimeo
    • Youtube

    Although the default theme already offers a nice presentation, it can be easily themed (uses Savant template engine) for a unique look & feel.

    Last week, a post at WRD had announced the giveaway of 3 Monoslideshow licenses.

    The winners of this amazing Flash image-video viewer has been selected and can be found at the bottom of the post.

    To Remind:

    Monoslideshow is a flexible XML-driven Flash image & video viewer for easily displaying media on any website with style.

    It comes with 500+ options that makes the viewer to fit into every design & usage type.


    The viewer handles large collections easily with the album-browsing support.

    It can be controlled via JavaScript + AS3 APIs and has RSS support which makes it possible to create image slideshows from Flickr, etc.

    The Winners:

    The winners of this great application are:

    • Eric Peacock (comment #66084)
    • vedat (comment #65951)
    • @digitman (Twitter)

    Congratulations to the winners & thanks to everyone for contributing.

    Monoslideshow, a beautiful & customizable Flash image / video viewer, is giving away 3 licenses (€ 25 value/license) to WebResourcesDepot readers. Details on joining the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the post.

    What is Monoslideshow?

    It is a flexible XML-driven Flash image & video viewer to easily display them on your website with style.

    Whether a professional portfolio or a simple image rotator, Monoslideshow can handle them all.

    Flash Image - Video Viewer

    With over 500 options like:

    • dimensions
    • custom fonts
    • enable/disable startup logo
    • background sounds per media

    & 10+ professional effects, creating something unique is not difficult. Also, besides the XML file, various settings can be configured via the JavaScript & AS3 API.

    The media presented in Monoslideshow can be categorized inside albums & quickly switched between with a "click" for faster browsing.

    Another great feature is the RSS support which makes it possible to create image slideshows from Flickr, etc.

    How To Win The Free Licenses?

    You have 2 options to join the giveaway where you can do both of them to increase the chance of winning:

    Winners will be selected randomly on 10 August 2009 (1 week later).

    Good luck to all.

    Uptime Robot