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Every web designer/developer has a favorite FTP client and we usually transfer files to web servers through these clients.

However, there are times that we don’t have our computers with us but need to transfer or edit a file that can only be reached through FTP.

Monsta FTP, an open source and web-based FTP application is a good solution for such a case.

Monsta PHP FTP

It is built with PHP,  has an ajaxed interface and can be skinned with ease.

Uploading or moving files are done with drag ‘n’ drops, actions can be performed on multiple files and file editing is possible.

And, the application works on any PHP-enabled server.

OneWay is a tiny, free and open source Mac OS X application for instantly uploading any file/folder.

It can upload data to FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3 directly from your Finder.

You can save the frequently used upload locations to the context menu (project-backups, personal-backups, etc) and send the files with a ctrl+click.

OneWay is very functional for web designers/developers while live-testing a web project as it usually requires frequent updates or easily backing up project files.

OneWay Mac FTP

Simple Directory Listing is a PHP script that works as an online file manager.

It is only one file, just upload & use, and requires PHP to run.

PHP File Folder Manager

The script can work in read-only or full mode and can be limited to manage a folder.

Besides the functions of a standard file manager script, it also has a FTP layer that makes it possible to connect to remote hosts.

And, the script has RSS support.

Such scripts are very useful when you want to make "files of a project"  reachable by customers where FTP usage may be limited or seem advanced from the eyes of the customer.

F->IT is a web based FTP client application which functions similar to Windows Explorer.

With a tree-view type file & folder browsing, using F->IT, you can:

  • Drag and drop folders and files.
  • Edit highlighted source files.
  • Upload multiple files.

F->IT is specially very functional for users who need to connect FTP servers from different PCs (like customer PCs). Also, for any developer & designer, it can be used as a backup when needed.

Web Based FTP Client

Built with the open source JavaScript Framework JavaScriptMVC, F->IT is a must-check tool.