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S Gallery is another jQuery image gallery plugin that displays images in a responsive grid.

It is inspired from the gallery in Sony’s product pages (which is made with Flash) and mimics that completely.

Once an item is clicked and focused, it is possible to browse others with prev-next buttons or via keyboard.

Returning back to the grid view is possible with a click and, also, a fullscreen option exists (uses HTML5 Fullscreen API).

S Gallery

Vegas is an exciting jQuery plugin for creating fullscreen backgrounds for web pages.

The plugin’s capability is not limited to displaying a single image but can also rotate a list of images automatically.

It has settings for defining the interval of the slideshow, fade value and enabling preloading of the items.

Vegas jQuery Plugin

An API helps manually controlling the functionality with functions for prev-next, pause-play or jumping to a specific image.

Also, there are callbacks on every level for further customization.