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iio Engine is an open source framework for creating HTML5 applications with JavaScript and canvas.

The framework is lightweight (45kb) and packed with a debugging system + cross-platform deployment engine.

iio Engine

It doesn’t require any JS frameworks and can work side-by-side with Box2D.

iio Engine’s website provides a full documentation and many examples to simplify development.

For anyone developing games, there is always a huge demand of high-quality graphics for the characters, objects, backgrounds and more.

Game-Icons is a project providing 900+ free icons (and growing) to be used for games but they can also be used for any other projects.

The items are in .SVG and .PNG formats, they are very well-categorized and can be used in commercial projects as well.

Game Icons

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  • As JavaScript-HTML5 development is getting more popular and browsers supporting new features are being utilized by more users everyday, -as expected- many new games are being developed with JavaScript.

    JavaScript-powered games are not only easier-to-develop for web developers but they are also the only cross-platform ones including desktop, web and mobile.

    Previously, WRD had shared 25 Amazing JavaScript Games (Some Fun And Inspiration) and, today, here is a list of free JavaScript game frameworks to build a new one:


    The Render Engine

    The Render Engine

    A cross-browser engine which is very flexible and comes with an extensive API.

    It uses object-pooling to reduce garbage collection.

    Abstraction around the Canvas DOM element and any DOM element exists to standardize access to the capabilities of 2D rendering.

    Box2d is the physics engine integrated, has support for touch inputs and much more.


    LimeJS JavaScript Game Framework

    It is a HTML5 game framework for building games that'll feel native and work fast in modern touchscreens and desktop browsers.

    LimeJS is created with Closure Library built by Google and comes with functions/classes to control the timeline, events, shapes and animations.

    Also, the framework has full support of sprite sheets (you can collect all images inside a single file).

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    Blender is an open source 3D content creation suite.

    It is an all-in-one package for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, and gaming.

    Free 3D Software

    User interface of Blender is formed of boxes, where all of them can be moved for the max. flexibility for not being blocked by the UI.

    Advanced animations & the integrated game engine can be controlled with Python scripting which also makes developers a part of the game rather than only the designers.

    A very detailed feature list can be found here.

    The software has a large community & is very well-documented which makes it easier to improve your skills.

    An open source game built with Blender:

    Open Source Game

    Yo Frankie! is an open source game built with Blender & its integrated game engine.

    The game is also like a source of information (as you can download the source files) for anyone planning to develop games with the application.

    P.S. Anyone into 3D design is probably aware of Blender but this post is published considering it may be helpful to fresh 3D designers.