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punypng is a free web-based application which can seriously compress JPG, GIF & PNG images without any loss of quality.

The application first analyzes the content of your image and figures out the best image format to use. If necessary, converts the format automatically.

punypng Image Compression

It also has built-in support for dirty transparency* which can save an average of extra 10% for transparent GIF & PNG files.

What would be more amazing is the service to offer a desktop tool with context menu support.

*: an innovative technique that offers additional compression to any PNG or GIF as long as it has either 8-bit or 1-bit transparency

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  • Stripemania is a free web application for creating stripe patterns with ease.

    It enables you to add up to 5 colors with different gradients & define the background, orientation and stripe/spacing widths.

    The generated images can be downloaded as PNG or transparent GIF files.

    Also, stripes generated by other users can be viewed & downloaded.

    Online Sprite Generator

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  • Using icons in e-commerce websites is almost a standard as users generally search for a shopping cart icon to view the items in the basket or credit card icons to find out if such a payment option exists.

    With this 2nd post of E-Commerce Week, here is a collection of free e-commerce icons that you can use in your projects.

    WebResourcesDepot E-Commerce Icons (Vectors Included)

    E-Commerce Icons

    The free e-commerce icon set is created exclusively for WebResourcesDepot by the talented team at IconShock (like promised).

    The set comes with 5 icons both in PNG & AI (Illustrator) files so, if wanted, they can be resized or modified easily.

    Info: This icon set can not be distributed without permission. If you'll be sharing it in a website, please use the URL of this post as the download link. Thanks.


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    Sanscons+ is a set of 121 individual pixel icons whose colors can be customized via CSS.

    Customizing the colors is not a big trick but smart as all the icons are transparent GIF files & adding a background-color style to them simply changes their color.

    Sanscons Plus

    The icon set is the larger version of the standard Sanscons icons (16*16px) & comes in 4 sizes:  32*32, 48*48, 64*64 and 128*128 pixels.

    P.S. a CSS customization example can be found at the standard Sanscons icons page.

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  • Noqta is presenting 30+ quality patterns that are free to download.

    Most of them are pixel-patterns. They come with a Creative Commons license which means they can be used both in personal & commercial projects.

    To download them, simply save the background-image of every pattern displayed in order to get the repeating-ready versions of the images.

    Free Design Patterns

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  • Using textures mostly helps creating surprising designs (both in good & bad ways). But it is certain that, quality textures, when used wisely, will end up nicely.

    ZenTextures is an online gallery presenting beautiful free textures.

    Free Textures

    Textures are very well-categorized like: paper, grunge, wood, stone & more.

    Currently, there are 400+ textures shared which are free to use for both personal & commercial projects.

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  • Shape Collage is a free software for creating photo collages automatically.

    The collages can be in any shape, including the ready to use templates or the ones that you can create from scratch.

    Photo Collage Maker

    Images used can be selected from the computer or web. And, they are totally customizable:

    • Size & number of the photos, collage size, spacing between photos can be defined
    • Background image/color & borders can be selected

    The collage created can be in GIF, JPEG & PSD format (so you can edit the collage more).

    The software has Windows, Mac, Linux & Java versions.

    Color Pallete Generator is a free web-based application that is creates the color palette of an uploaded image.

    It supports .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG images & creates 4 levels of palettes: light, medium, dark, complete.

    Color Palette Generator

    The generator also prepares the related files for CSS & Photoshop swatches of the color palette created.

    P.S. Up to 1 mb can be uploaded.

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  • WooThemes is presenting a quality icon set that includes 79 images named WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set.

    Icons are in both PNG / GIF formats & sized at 256×256 pixels.

    WooThemes Icon Set

    The set has all the major icons that a web application may need like arrows, add-update-delete, RSS, file or search icons.

    They can be used both in personal & commercial projects.

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  • Weather icons are very handy when displaying the weather status, generating a weather based content & more.

    You can even customize the look of your website according to the weather conditions (CSS-Tricks has a nice tutorial on this).

    There are beautiful free weather condition icons that can be used. Here is a collection of them:

    Glossy Weather Icons

    Free Weather Icons

    Set contains 22 glossy weather icons.

    Sizes are 16*16px to 128*128px. They are in both ICO & PNG format.

    Weather Icon Set

    Weather Icon Set

    This set includes 10 icons & presented in a 1 PNG file.

    Sticky Weather Icons

    Sticky Weather Icons

    47 sticky weather icons in PNG format.

    All the icons in the set are very detailed 6 high quality.

    Flat Weather Icons

    Flat Weather Icons

    47 flat weather icons in PNG format & 128*128px size with:

    • 8 color combinations
    • In English 6 German
    • Several combinations of some icons

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