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The increasing variety and usage of device/screen types (cell phone, smart phone, tablet, desktop..) urge the need for serving web content accordingly.

Adaptive Images is a solution for delivering browser-size-specific images for any device.. automatically.

It is JavaScript-PHP-powered where a lightweight JS file detects the browser size and the PHP file resizes the images on the web page. And, all this happens with the help of a .htaccess rule which redirects any requests for .JPG, .GIF or .PNG files to the PHP image processor file.

Adaptive Images

Adaptive Images is a plug 'n' play resource which can be easily integrated into any PHP website.

There is a built-in caching system for minimizing each image only once for each size.

Also, several options for customization exist including "array of browser-image sizes", .JPG quality and more.

Subtle Patterns is a fresh website sharing simplistic yet high-quality patterns that are created by Atle Mo.

As the name says; the patterns are difficult to recognize and analyze. But, they help creating a soft contrast with the rest of the design.

Every pattern tile perfectly and, besides .GIF files for each item, they are available as a single .PAT (Photoshop pattern) file.

Subtle Patterns

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  • Default Icon is a set of frequently improved and free vector icons in their simplest form possible.

    Besides websites, they can be used in any portable devices as well considering the resolution is only 1bit.

    The items are 16px*16px by default (any size can be created with the vector files) and comes in .EPS, .PNG and .GIF formats.

    Default Icon

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  • Iconizer is one of the latest online generators that you may find useful.

    It is a free & web-based application, from the makers of popular, that enables you to customize various popular icon sets online.


    Iconizer allows you to select an icon from a list of well-categorized icon sets and:

    • select the foreground/background color
    • size of it
    • file type to be created
    • add an animation
    • resize it & more..

    Although the application is very useful, what would be even better is "selecting the whole icon set" & ability to customizing it in bulk.

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  • Axialis Software, the developers of IconWorkshop, have created multiple good-looking icon sets.

    Most of the sets are built from a 200+ pieces of flat icons & have different backgrounds or colors.

    Free Icon Sets

    Besides these icons, there is also Web Mini icons which consists 237 colorful icons in 16*16px sizes.

    All sets come in .PNG, .GIF & .ICO formats.

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