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Flash was the tool for creating interactive maps where we can hover or click any region and see details about them.

Right now, it is easier to create maps with JavaScript and, thanks to JS frameworks, it even gets much simpler.


jVectorMap is a jQuery plugin for creating such interactive maps very quickly.

It uses SVG as the map format and there are various ready-to-use map files provided. Also, using a vector graphics editor (like Adobe Illustrator), we can draw anything (like the map of a shopping mall), export it to SVG and add interactivity to it.

There are options provided for customization (colors, opacity, etc.) and callbacks exist on every level.

P.S. There is also a Python converter for creating map data from GIS files.

P.S.2 If you are in search of vector freebies, checks these vector images.

TileMill is an application (with Windows, Mac and Linux versions) for creating totally-customized and beautiful maps.

Normally, working with GIS data is complicated but TileMill simplifies that as much as possible by sharing data between projects, downloading and unzipping shapefiles, autodetecting projections, indexing SQLite databases, etc. to help us focus on the output.


It can read from multiple popular data sources and enables us to use any patterns/textures, fonts and images on maps.

As web designers/developers, the part that eases the usage of TileMill is its design language: CartoCSS, which is very similar to CSS and has support for mixins, variables and functions.

Also, interactions like hover tooltips or clickable pop-ups can be added to the maps.