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GitHub, by far the most used online repository for coding projects, hosts codes of many of us.

Huboard is an open source web app (built with Ruby on Rails) that adds project management capabilities to GitHub repositories.

It uses the GitHub public API, makes use of GitHub issues (so, no need to sync anything) and providesĀ a customizable task board.

Huboard for GitHub

Milestones can be created, issues can be assigned to them (and to users) with drag ‘n’ drops and milestones can beĀ prioritized by re-ordering them.

The app can be deployed with locally using Pow or to Heroku very easily.

GitHub is one of the most popular hosted version control services around and, besides its premium plans, usage is completely free for open source projects.

Many widely-used projects are hosted there (including Node.js Ruby on Rails, PHP or jQuery) and it definitely helps taking the code under control + improving the code with the contribution of others.

If you are like me; "work better with GUI apps rather than the command-line" and use GitHub, they now have free-to-use desktop apps for popular operating systems.

GitHub for Windows

Lately, they had launched GitHub for Mac and, now, GitHub for Windows is released.

Both applications offer almost all the functionality that can be reached from command line tools and ease the usage for developers like me : ).

GitLab is an open source application, built with Ruby on Rails, for self-hosting your project in a Git repository and accessing them via a web interface.

It has a GitHub-like functionality and allows you to browse source-code, issues and comments.

Team access to the repository can be managed, it is very easy to browse commits and there is a file history.


Members of the team can communicate with each other with a simple chat interface (wall).

And, a "snippets" menu help users to create a collection of re-usable code for finding them easier when needed.