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We usually use Google Maps with its default styles which is the most familiar one to all.

However, starting with v3 of the Google Maps API, it can be customized with ease so that the look and feel can match the website’s design.

Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps is a website which shares many Google Maps styles freely.

There are already 20+ styles and, once clicked, the JavaScript array for the style is displayed and can be downloaded.

Maplace.js is a jQuery plugin that simplifies integrating Google Maps into websites.

It works with the latest Google Maps API (v3) and has methods for adding markers + custom content and drawing paths, polygons or routes.


There are options for defining the zoom level or controls to be displayed (zoom, map/satellite..).

The plugin allows customizing almost everything from the icons used to texts and colors.

It has callbacks on each action and comes with a very well documentation.

In order to celebrate the 800,000 active users of the Google Maps API, Google has launched a showcase website for their product.

The website, named "More Than A Map", features the capabilities of the API and displays various demos to show its power.

More Than A Map

It is possible to find demos of the standard maps to satellite views, usage of the "places", routing and more. The source of the demos is also a good way of finding out their usage.

Also, under the "Developer Stories" menu, selected real-world implementations of the API can be found for inspiration.

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  • Google Maps, like any other Google product is already easy-to-use and their API is not that complicated to work with.

    However, things can always be simpler and GMaps.js, a feature-rich jQuery plugin, helps consuming Google Maps much easier.


    Besides adding a standard map of a specific location, we can define the zoom level, add markers, get the location of a user (HTML5 geolocation), define routes, draw polylines and more with only few lines of code.

    And, it has callbacks on every action to integrate any custom events. GMaps.js is not documented in detail, however, it has examples of each feature.

    The giveaway for BaseKit, a web-based and easy-to-use website builder, which was announced last week has ended today.

    Winners are selected and announced below. In case this is the 1st time you are hearing about this application, here is a short re-introduction:

    What is BaseKit?

    It is a web-based website builder and CMS application that eases creating a website for users on every level.

    With a slick interface, drag 'n' drops and a true WYSIWYG editor (that allows viewing the actual output while editing), working with BaseKit is pretty straightforward with an almost "no" learning curve.

    BaseKit Editor

    100+ templates (personal and business websites) are already ready-to-use with each having lots of ready-to-use color variations. Simply, start with th eone that best suits the needs and customize it completely if needed.

    There are several widgets provided including easily placing a Google Maps map, in-site search, sitemap, image carousel or commenting into any page with a click.

    Also, a form builder exists for creating custom forms and collecting information. And, social widgets make sure the website is connected with your social profiles with the ability to display Twitter timeline, Flickr photos or RSS feeds (there are "Tweet This" and Facebook "Like" buttons too).

    The winners

    Thanks so much to everyone joining the giveaway. Here are the winners of 3 Business Packages with 1 year term:

    • Dennis (comment #395234)
    • mai (comment #395444)
    • Deniz (comment #395686)


    BaseKit LogoBaseKit, a powerful yet easy-to-use application for building websites online, is giving away 3 Business Packages (1 year term) to WRD readers.

    In order to find out more about the stuff in the package and to join this giveaway, make sure you check the bottom of this article.

    What is BaseKit?

    Creating websites over the web is not something new. But, if you used such tools in the past, you should have experienced that there are usually too many limits forcing users to build websites in a fixed way.

    BaseKit comes with a better approach that is flexible on every level and allows users to customize every part of the website but still keeping everything integrated. And, making it simpler for many.

    BaseKit Interface

    There are 100+ templates (personal and business websites) to choose from with each having lots of ready-to-use color variations which functions as a base for the website and it can be customized/improved as you wish.

    The websites are created with a slick drag 'n' drop interface which functions as a true WYSIWYG editor, things look exactly as the output, no surprises.

    BaseKit has an impressive set of widgets that can be inserted into web pages. Besides inserting text, images and video, it is possible to place a Google Maps map, in-site search, sitemap, image carousel or commenting into any page with a click.

    That's not all, a form builder helps creating any type of custom forms and collecting information. And, social widgets make sure the website is connected with your social profiles with the ability to display Twitter timeline, Flickr photos or RSS feeds (there are "Tweet This" and Facebook "Like" buttons too).

    If you need further customization, it lets you to insert site-wide or page-specific scripts and edit the whole HTML-CSS.

    BaseKit Widgets

    BaseKit is an all-in-one package for creating a website meaning it handles hosting and domain management (optional) for you.

    Also, one account can control many websites (which is great for web agencies or people with multiple websites) and multiple users can work on the same account. And, it has a multilanguage interface that supports various languages by default.

    How to win the licenses?

    BaseKit is giving away 3 Business Packages ($168 value/each) which includes:

    • Unlimited access to our website builder
    • Amazon S3 Hosting
    • 1 Free Domain
    • E-commerce (Google Check-Out) integration
    • £30 Google Adwords voucher
    • Premium Support

    In order to get a chance to win one of them, simply comment to this article and winners will be selected randomly with the query below on 19 September 2011 (a week later):

    SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=2459 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

    Good luck!

    MobilyMap is a jQuery plugin that can create a Google Maps-like, draggable interface from any image.

    It is possible to add location-based markers and display information when any of these markers are clicked.


    The map can be positioned how you prefer (like top, bottom-right, etc.) or by defining an exact location.

    Map data is mentioned within HTML elements like: <div class="point" id="p-900-130"> which will assign a marker to the specified point.

    The plugin has callback functions including onMarkerClick, onPopupClose and onMapLoad to better interact on every level.

    CartoView is an open source and free JavaScript framework for creating online maps quickly.

    It is integrated with Google Maps, Google Earth + OpenLayers and enables you to take control of the maps in means of function and presentation.


    With the help of its modular architecture, the functionality can be improved without touching the core and there are already extension created like the ones for Flickr, FourSquare, Youtube and more.

    The framework is well-documented and supported with examples.

    gMap is a lightweight (2kb) jQuery plugin for easily integrating Google Maps into any website.

    It can embed a map with a tiny function like:


    and can be customized further with settings like:

    • latitude/longitude
    • default zoom level
    • markers, their positions, info to display as a pop-up, custom marker images
    • mapping controls on/off
    • & more..

    jQuery Google Maps Plugin

    Thematic maps are very useful when describing statistical data about places. The data, simply, becomes much easier to understand.

    Cartographer is a JavaScript library for creating thematic maps on Google Maps which supports custom styling.

    It is only a one JavaScript file that relies on the powerful Raphael.js vector-graphics library.


    It supports 3 visualizing types:

    • Chloropleth (color coded regions)
    • Pie charts
    • Point clusters

    The areas on maps are mentioned as latitudes or regions (depending on the type) which means no hacking or manual calculations.

    Every visualization type comes with different options like colors, opacity, stroke & more.

    P.S. The library is currently on alpha state but pretty solid.

    Uptime Robot