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If you are using Photoshop, you should already have encountered the issue of banding in gradients.

This usually happen in 8-bit but, even when working with 16-bit, this can occur if you need to apply an 8-bit filter.

No More Banding is a Photoshop action which automatically converts your document into 16-bit and applies a new layer to the top of your group/document which fixes fixing all the banding.

P.S. There is a detailed read on the technique here.

Photoshop Action to Prevent Banding

SharpPieces is a set of open source & free ASP.NET controls for improving the usability of the applications easily.

Free ASP.NET Controls

Currently there are 8 components:

  • ExtendedDropDownList
  • LiveGrid
  • FancyUpload
  • ImageCheckBox
  • Rating
  • DynamicImage
  • CaptchaImage
  • GradientButton

They are all are ready with native support for the latest framework (ASP.NET 3.5) and IDE (Visual Studio 2008). is a websites which features free Photoshop custom shapes, brushes and styles/gradients.

The website currently presents 350+ resources which are well-categorized like nature, abstract, symbols, etc.

It is possible to sort them by downloads, rating or added date which makes it easy to find the popular & new items.

Free Photoshop Resources

Web 2.0 styles, if you like the gradients and shiny looks, simply boost the design process.

Similar to the DezinerFolio Web 2.0 Photoshop gradients, 2EXPERTSDESIGN created a set of Fireworks Web 2.0 Styles which Fireworks users will find handy.

Fireworks Web 2.0 Styles

Examples of how to make CSS gradient text effects are published in 2 different & beautiful web design blogs: WebDesignerWall and CSS Globe.

Both techniques are using a similar method which is adding a small PNG gradient file over the text with extra tricks. Both methods are compatible with all the major browsers. Have a look at how nice they are:

Css Globe solution:
CSS Text Gradient Effect


WebDesignerWall solution:
Css Gradient Text Effect

Sample codes for these nice effects can be downloaded from each website.