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Alertify is a lightweight JavaScript library for displaying stylish notifications with ease.

The library doesn’t depend on any JS frameworks, can show notifications in a modal window and also feature growl-like messages.

Alertify - JavaScript Notifications

Notifications are unobtrusive and the outputs can be completely customized via CSS as custom classes can be attached to elements.

Callbacks exist for ok + cancel events to act accordingly and there is support for chaining to create queued dialogs.


Pines Notify is a jQuery plugin for displaying highly-customizable growl-like notifications.

The notification boxes can set to be displayed in the any part of a web page and they can also be configured to auto-disappear or stick (with an optional close button).

Pines Notify

It is possible to use HTML in titles and text, change opacity and use custom animations.

The plugin uses the jQuery UI CSS file for theming however it does not require the library itself.

Pines Notify can also be used as tooltips on hover of items.