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Designers are passionately dedicated to crafting dashing websites for their clients. But it’s not an easy job.

On the one hand, some clients are harder to please than others, and on the other hand, you should be managing this relationship parallel with the developer as every design requires custom coding.


However, creating and managing your clients’ websites independently isn’t an option and Webydo provides designers with this opportunity free of charge, being an online platform that takes the nuances of coding out of thought, so focus is put entirely on the design.

The websites of clients will be ready in a flash as the development process is minimized and time can better be spent interacting with customers.

Currently, Webydo sports an offer which states that Webresourcesdepot’s readers are eligible for a 67% discount attached to the first year of a Premium Plan for the next 10 days. The coupon code is WebResourcesDepot069.


85,000+ websites have been created via Webydo, whose generated code also renders them responsive to the display of smart phones and tablets.

The steps involved in creating a website are easy to tackle with the huge collection of intuitive video tutorials and “knowledge base” articles.

And, designers can always sign up for a free account, start from scratch, edit the elements of an existing theme or draw inspiration from a fully-fledged website design.

On editing a particular layout, you may choose to apply any of the freely available fonts to text, drag-and-drop shapes, videos, Flash media, and even e-commerce widgets for online stores.

The options encased in Webydo’s dashboard functions on the same lines as Indesign and Adobe Photoshop, so users will immediately feel at home designing a perfect website. Upon completion, all you need to do is click “Publish”, and the website goes live in a split-second as a Webydo sub-domain.

Webydo Editor

Webydo makes it easier to manage websites once they’re launched. The CMS enables website owners to further update specific areas of the website content on their own; basically, designers decide what the editable areas are, so the website’s aesthetic value isn’t compromised.

Moreover, designers can send invoices to their clients directly from the dashboard, and also portray their own brand identity (on clients’ login screen and CMS, and on their dashboards).

Also, Webydo welcomes designers to suggest new features on the Webydo Participate Page by vote. Actually, the whole roadmap has been determined and voted by the designers who work on the system.

Aside from being a solid website builder, it also partnered up with Akamai in order to raise its servers’ performance and provides websites with top-grade cloud hosting.

Webydo’s subscription plans can be cancelled or changed anytime; the standard price of a Premium annual subscription is just $9.90/month, and it allows web designers to publish a newly-crafted website as part of their own domain, with unlimited bandwidth and pages, and 2 GB’ worth of storage.

Remember that for the next 10 days, the first year of a Premium Plan is heavily discounted if you type in the following code: WebResourcesDepot069.

Moot is a fresh and free web service for instantly creating a discussion environment on any web page.

It is setup so quickly. The service provides you a unique HTML code and, once embedded into any web page, Moot appears.

Btw, Moot loads the full HTML and it is no IFRAME. This makes all types of customizations possible. You can apply CSS or even change interactions via JS.

Hosted Forums And Comments

The service provides a single feed of posts, users can follow any number of topics, view other online users or make searches quickly.

It can be a flat or threaded discussion, works in real-time (no refresh required), has an easy-to-use control panel and supports responsive layouts.

Edicy is a hosted and professional CMS platform that enables designers and developers to create new sites and/or integrate any existing sites.

The platform doesn’t require a hosting account, anything to be installed and  it is always up-to-date + secure.

Edicy CMS

Many templates exist to get started with or new ones can be created with the help of a powerful templating engine.

And, optionally, there is a desktop designer tool which actually launches a small webserver that can render Edicy‘s templates. So that you can keep designing sites in your favorite editor.

There is an easy-to-use content editor to edit sites while browsing, it has a built-in and advanced image editor where you can upload with drag ‘n’ drops and rotate, crop, resize them.

Edicy Editor

Besides images, videos, tables, maps and other widgets can be inserted within few seconds. Also, a form engine exists to create any type of forms and collect data (they can be exported too).

Websites created don’t need to be all static, it can work with databases or product catalogues, has a blog engine and can be integrated with 3rd party apps.

Another very useful feature is the ability to offer the same website in different languages. Once a new language is added, Edicy simply asks you to insert the translated texts.

Edicy Templates

The service has many other features from password-protected pages to, statistics or the ability to managing your domains.

To sum up, Edicy is very handy for anyone willing to create their own site or a bunch of sites for their customers (and get support when needed).

It costs almost the price of a quality hosting account (which is included) and 300,000+ sites are already being managed by it.

Squarespace is a hosted content management system that empowers website owners and designers with tools to build websites (business, blogs, portfolio..) easily while removing the most annoying parts of the process.

First of all, there are lots of professionally designed templates (with each template having various style variants) to choose from which can be used "as is" or updated completely to suit your needs.

Websites are created, edited and managed while browsing them. With the help of an in-site editor, editing everything and adding new content (with images, videos, etc.) is a breeze.

Squarespace Editor

And, if you already have a website built with one of the well-known blogging systems like WordPress, Blogger, MovableType or TypePad, Squarespace can import all the content (with comments) into your new website.

There are powerful widgets that can be inserted into any part of the web pages with few clicks. Some of these widgets are: site search, tag cloud, custom forms, links to social network accounts and much more.

Actually, social network integration deserves more words as it is possible to display latest tweets from your Twitter, images from Flickr or items from RSS feeds.

Squarespace Social Widgets

For photographers or anyone to showcase their portfolio, customizable photo galleries with Lightbox integration, hover effects and auto-image-resizing make sure the output is easily manageable and charming.

There is a built-in analytics engine that informs website owners with the most important metrics like visitors/pageviews, keywords, referrers, latest activity and more.

In order to manage a Squarespace website, you don't even have to be online with a desktop as, thanks to its iPhone, iPad and Android applications, the websites can be under control anytime, anywhere.

Squarespace Mobile Apps

And, the complete platform is hosted in a high-quality cloud system which ensures that the website can handle any traffic and uptime is something not to worry about.

This website builder has different pricing plans that meets the requirements of standard-to-advanced systems and it can be tried free for 14 days.

As a note to web designers and agencies, multiple Squarespace websites can be controlled under the same account and there are discounts offered for such usage.

Info: This is a review of a paid application.

For web designers who frequently build new websites for clients, managing the content can be a headache:

  • no CMS is used and you may need to edit the content manually
  • the CMS can be complicated for the client
  • or, maybe the worst, the CMS you're using is outdated, has bugs, frequently requires updates, etc. (and you have to update it in many websites)

PageLime LogoPageLime is an impressive CMS service which is so simple to use (both for the designer and client) + instantly integrates with your websites and business.

You can create websites how you used to and just add a special class: cms-editable to the parts that you want to be edited like text, images or links.


The pages are edited with live-previews and, besides simple editable regions, you can control more like:

  • repeating-regions (where you can duplicate and move up/down items quickly)
  • multi-level navigations
  • server-side include files

It allows you to control any number of websites from the same interface with a permission-based multi-user interface where you can define "who can edit which website".

PageLime keeps track of every action you (or your client) make and you can restore a previously saved version of a page with a click.

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