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Few months ago, a WRD article: "9 Free JavaScript Libraries & Templates For Beautiful Web-Based Presentations" has shared great presentation engines built by web technologies.

A new presentation framework is released recently -named Impress.js– which enables us to build very beautiful outputs.

Slides can be by positioned, rotated and scaled on an infinite canvas with zoom in/out and 3D effects by making use of CSS3 transforms and transitions to create the awesomeness (which makes it only compatible with WebKit and the latest Firefox + IE browsers).

And, for older browsers, Impress.js fallbacks to a standard presentation without the effects but by keeping the functionality.


Spine Mobile is a JavaScript framework, built on top of SpineJS, for building mobile web apps that look and feel native.

The framework comes with specialized controllers, panel layout, hardware accelerated transitions and touch events.

Apps are developed with HTML5-CSS3 and the easiest way of building Spine Mobile apps is with Hem,, GFX and jQuery. Also, you'll need Node.js.

It is well documented and there are open sourced examples to easily get started.

Spine Mobile

In the beginning of the web 2.0 trend, tag clouds were one of the most popular items of web design. And, they were (and still are) very useful in helping readers to easily locate the most-used tags.

Afterwards, the Flash-powered animated tag canvas came and it conquered many websites. The Flash -kinda- died, HTML5 is now everywhere and the animated tag cloud is still here for the new web built without Flash.


TagCanvas is an HTML5 canvas powered and animated tag cloud that has both standalone and jQuery plugin versions.

It has support for text +images and can be shaped as a sphere, hcylinder or vcylinder.

The resource has so many settings for maximum customization and works even in IE (thanks to ExplorerCanvas).

Stitches is an open source HTML5-powered application for creating CSS sprites on the fly.

With the help of a couple HTML5 APIs, images can be drag 'n' dropped and the sprite image + CSS rules are instantly generated.

It uses Modernizr to check for drag-and-drop, FileReader, and canvas support (which are currently available only in Firefox and Chrome).

A must-bookmark tool for saving time on creating sprites specially when there are too many images to merge.

Stitches CSS Sprite Generator

Player Framework is an open source video player framework for HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone and other platforms.

It offers a JavaScript API for controlling the player where the API methods are the same on both the HTML5 and Silverlight versions.

Such a consistency is very handy for using any of the versions as a fallback of the other with almost no extra coding.

HTML5 Player Framework

The framework has support for playlists using an array of media items or using a link to a media RSS feed.

W3C timed text (TTML) for captions can be used and there are controls like volume, mute, fullscreen, poster-displaying.

Player Framework is modular, can be extended easily and its look/feel can be customized using CSS.

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