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Accessible Audio Player (AAP) is a cross-browser audio player with playlist support that is created for people with disabilities in mind.

It uses the HTML5 <audio> element for browsers that support it, and the Yahoo! Media Player for those that don’t.

Accessible Audio Player

If a browser can't use any of the options above, the player displays a list of links to the mp3 files.

The player can switch to the next track automatically or with the help of prev-next buttons and its voice can be controlled.

There is also a WordPress plugin for AAP for easier integration with the CMS application.

LeanBack Player is an open source HTML5 video player that doesn't rely on any JavaScript frameworks.

It has support for subtitles using HTML5 track element and language-selection by label attribute of track (yes, subtitles can be multilingual).

LeanBack HTML5 Video Player

The player has built-in fullscreen mode, volume controls (mute on/off and volume bar) and can handle multiple videos in a single page.

Almost every action can be done via keyboard controls besides standard usage.

LeanBack Player works in all popular browsers and falls back to Flash if HTML5 video is not supported.

We all know that forms look different in every operating system, browser and even some browser versions.

Formalize is a CSS framework that aims to bring a solution to this issue by providing more consistent styling and functionality for them.


It doesn't make them look all the same, rather, keeps some characteristic differences but focuses on finding the medium by picking the best parts from each.

These include a slight inset on items, similar looking buttons (including the button tag), light blue :focus border and more.

Also, the HTML5 placeholder and autofocus attributes work for browsers that doesn't support them with the help of jQuery.

Artisan JS is a JavaScript library which focuses on easing in-browser drawing using HTML5 canvas.

It offers simpler and shorter-to-write functions for creating and styling objects.

Artisan JS

Most importantly, the library enables using every object like a layer which canvas doesn't have by default. So you can add shapes to a layer anytime.

Also, a stacks feature helps grouping layers to control them better ( here is an article on layer and stack usage).

P.S. Artisan JS is a standalone library that doesn't require an JavaScript frameworks.

MIX Online, a Microsoft-powered website on web design and development, is sharing a free Adobe Illustrator plugin for converting .AI files into HTML5 canvas.

AI->Canvas plug-in offers options for drawing, animation and coding, such as "events" so that you can build interactive, well-designed canvas-based web apps.

AI to Canvas Plug-in

It can be used to export simple-to-complex shapes, gradients, transparencies, drop shadows and any other stuff.

And, the animation features include rotation, fades, movement, easing, triggers and more.

AI->Canvas comes with versions for Windows + Mac.

Jo is an open source mobile application framework that is based on HTML5 .

It enables you to create for multiple platforms like webOS, iOS, Android, Symbian, Safari, Chrome and Dashboard Widgets.

Jo JavaScript Mobile Framework

The framework is small in size, ~8kb, without any dependencies and compatible with many other JS frameworks.

Jo is also compatible with PhoneGap and makes possible to create native apps besides web apps.

It is very well-documented and has sample codes on every level.

Tile5 is an open source HTML5 mapping JavaScript library that enables developers to integrate existing mapping platforms for providing a rich HTML5 experience.

It is compatible with most of the mapping providers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MapQuest and more.


Besides the API for mapping, the library is also functional for creating more generic tiling application interfaces.

With the compatibility HTML5 offers, Tile5 is targeted at both desktop and mobile browsers.

Tip: there are very nice demos offered to see the power of the library.

FryPlayer (Google-translated English version) is an open source and easy to use HTML5 video player.

The player is actually a jQuery plugin and has very nice features like the ability to skin, buffering, full screen mode and keyboard shortcuts.

It is also possible to set the width-height and initial volume of the player.

HTML5 FryPlayer

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  • Using the new features and flexibility CSS3 offers, designers keep coming with impressive outputs.

    One of them is BonBon Buttons: attractive buttons that will possibly attract the Web 2.0-type design fans the most.

    CSS3 BonBon Buttons

    A single PNG image is used to give the noise effect and they have a shiny 3D-like look.

    There is also a method provided for inserting Unicode Symbols inside buttons with the help of HTML5 custom data attributes.

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  • HTML5Rocks is an online resource by Google that regularly shares various resources on HTML5 and CSS3.

    The site has very detailed tutorials that digg stuff like HTML5 video or @web-fonts which are good starting points on the subjects.


    An online playground with shortcuts to JS APIs + HTML-CSS properties helps trying new codes and seeing the outputs instantly.

    And there is HTML5 Studio, which is a showcase of HTML5 codes like page-flip, video player, carousel, geolocation and more that are open source. It is possible to get inspired from them or re-use them in our projects.

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