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Sometimes we find an icon, love its design but the colors don’t fit to the project.

With Icons DB, a free and growing set of flat icons, that is not possible as we can get all the items in any color we prefer.

The set includes 1800+ items in multiple formats (ICO, PNG, JPG, GIF) and 8 sizes from 16*16px to 512*512px.

Icons DB

There are many icons which can fit very well to web apps and almost each item has multiple variations that can satisfy each taste.

Only drawback is the inability to download the whole set as they are only offered one-by-one.

X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 application, using <canvas> tag,  that allows you to create high resolution icons.

It generates the icons in .ICO format with 4 different resolutions embedded: 64×64, 32×32, 24×24 and 16×16.

X-Icon Editor

This makes it a perfect fit for IE9 as the browser uses multiple-sized favicons in different screens (address bar, tab page, site mode).

There are tools like brush, pencil, text or shapes for drawing the icon. Also, it is possible to import any image and edit it.

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  • IconShock, a well-known icon design company, is sharing an impressive and complete social bookmarking/networking icon set.

    The set has ~150 unique items in 9 different pixel-perfect sizes and they are all available in .PNG, .PSD, .AI and .ICO formats.

    Social Icons Set

    Also, for mobile applications, there is a "mono version" included as well.

    That's not all. Every icon has 3 color states: enabled, disabled and normal. Simply, a must bookmark.

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  • Project Icons is a set of 165 free icons and 3 icons badges that are designed in detail.

    The set includes items from multimedia to hardware, social networking and much more.

    They come in 32*32px sizes (some of them are in 48*48px too) and in .PNG, .ICO, .ICNS formats.

    Project Icons

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  • Icons are one of the design elements that easily adds a twist to any design and can be used almost everywhere. is an amazing icon search engine that has a huge database of 300,000+ icons in 2100+ icon sets.


    The website does everything to help you "find the right icon" with an advanced search system where the results can be filtered with:

    • size (define a range)
    • color (select multiple colors)
    • style
    • license
    • re-searching within the results

    After testing it with several common keywords, its results were very accurate.

    It also displays the similar keywords (and number of icons for that keywords) where you can instantly switch to another keyword.

    A unique feature offered by is an online converter that can help you download icons in almost any format you want (png, bmp, gif, jpg, psd, eps & more.. ).

    If you're a frequent icon searcher, you can -optionally- sign-up for a free account and add icons/sets to your "favorites".

    We know that, sometimes, it is not about finding a single icon but a whole set. also presents the complete icon sets under the "Browse" menu.

    To sum up, is a must-bookmark for every designer and developer who searches for free icons.