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Brushes can be some of the most useful resources if you know how to use them. Both Photoshop and Illustrator utilize brushes of different mediums, but they can be used for very similar purposes. Brushing may be used to add texture, background effects, or vector art into a design.

If you’re looking for high-quality PS/AI brushes then look no further! This gallery includes 15 of the best websites that host free downloadable brush packs. All of the brushes are free and high-quality – plus these websites should be handy whether you use Photoshop, Illustrator, or both.


brusheezy free brushes resources

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Whether you design interfaces, icons, or print work, Illustrator is a powerful program. Vector graphics can be used in almost any situation because they’re easy to edit and scale. If you’re unfamiliar with Illustrator it may be difficult to create everything from scratch – but luckily there are designers online who release their stuff for free.

This gallery includes 18 free .AI and .EPS files for Adobe Illustrator. Feel free to download any of them and include the designs in your project work. The freebies range from simple line icons to more detailed ribbons or mobile app templates. Illustrator is a versatile piece of software and these freebies are proof of this fact.

80 Tiny Vector Icons

free vector icons 80pack

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Most web designers tend to work in Photoshop because pixel mockups can be easier for developers. However designing vector-based interfaces will allow resizing for any resolution and easily offers a method of exporting the image in pixels. Illustrator can be just as useful when designing custom website graphics or icons.

Take a look at these detailed and useful Illustrator tutorials explaining how to build unique website interfaces. These articles go over common webpage elements, icons, buttons, and other similar graphics. Even if you’ve never used Illustrator before, these tutorials are excellent learning materials for getting started with vector-based web design.

404 Error Page

illustrator tutorial 404 error webpage

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Have you ever wanted to understand the craft of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, or similar design programs? Many professionals have offered their lessons online as premium services for a one-time fee or based on a recurring subscription. I’ve been amazed at how much great material can be practiced online without needing to physically relocate near the teacher.

If you’ve ever wanted to polish your design techniques I would highly recommend looking over some of these websites. Classes range from traditional art to digital painting, vector design, icons, animation, print design, and so much more.

CG Master Academy

2d artwork cg master academy classes courses

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HackingUI, a website focused on interaction and front-end design, is sharing a handy script for SVG fans.

It is a Photoshop script that automates the exporting of Photoshop layers to SVG.

Photoshop to SVG

The script is smart enough to detect only the right layers and searches for the layer names that end with ,svg.

Simply, no more going through each layer one-by-one for the conversion and all work is done in a single click.

When planning the layout of a web or mobile project, wireframing helps a lot to see and discuss the thoughts visually.

For anyone who is about to develop a mobile app for iOS7, the free wireframing kit that Blake Perdue created will be a huge time-saver.

The kit is for Adobe Illustrator and includes most of the common UI elements for the operating system.

iOS7 Wireframe Kit

Design Cocktail LogoDesign Cocktail, a bundle of various professional design resources, is giving away 10 licenses of the bundle ($29/each) to WebResourcesDepot readers.

Details of joining the giveaway can be found at the bottom of this post, but before that:

What is Design Cocktail?

Design Cocktail 4

Designious, a website offering creative resources like vectors and Photoshop brushes, has created a bundle named Design Cocktail which includes:

  • 40 vector packs (959 vector elements)
  • 10 pattern packs
  • 20 brush packs
  • 15 tees designs
  • design tutorials with sources
  • a metalique font
  • 3 Photoshop + Illustraor add-ons
  • 3 un-released/fresh vector packs
  • a WordPress theme

all priced for only $29 which would normally cost $724 if purchased one-by-one (it is also possible to get a 10% discount by simply sharing the resource – details can be found on the resource's web page).

How to join the giveaway?

In order to get a chance to win one of the 10 licenses Design Cocktail is giving away, simply comment to this post and/or tweet this article. You can do both to increase the chances.

Winners will be selected randomly on 7 February 2011 (1 week later).

Good luck to everyone.

Previously, a post at WRD was sharing the free vector icons created by Webalys.

Lately, there are 2 great additions to these free resources offered and it almost became a UI design framework.

The new resources are a GUI Library which includes 100s of items and a Styles Library which has 200 styles, both to be used in Illustrator.

The set is simply a must-bookmark for designing wireframes faster and creating better mockups.

UI Design framework

Whether it is a web application or an iPhone application, creating the visual output in an image editing software first and creating it in code next is a common development process.

Mercury Intermedia is presenting a huge set of vector iPhone user interface elements to make the design process much easier.

Vector iPhone UI

The set consists:

  • buttons, grid views
  • notification windows
  • system menus
  • keyboard & more..

P.S. It is created with Adobe Illustrator (.AI).

Mastering frequently used applications increases the productivity significantly.

Controlling these applications via keyboard is a part of this "mastering process" which helps you use an application with 2 hands = much faster.

Also, knowing the tricks of tools inside these products definitely opens new doors for creating.

Specifically for designers, here is a list of cheat sheets for the most popular applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Fireworks & more..

Photoshop CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop CS4 Cheat Sheet

Keyboard shortcuts are very well organized, both by menu & alphabetically.

Also, shortcut presets that add lots of extra shortcuts are provided too.

Keyboard shortcuts for previous Photoshop versions:

Photoshop Black And White Cheat Sheet

Photoshop Black And White

There are many different way & settings for converting images to black and white with Photoshop.

This is a Photoshop file presenting different filters/presets. Just update 1 file & see the various outputs.

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