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Lots of content is produced on social networks and using that content inside websites is usually a smart choice.

That is usually common with Twitter as “displaying the latest tweets” (check jQuery Twitter Plugins) and you may want to do the same for Instagram as well.

Here is a collection of jQuery plugins for fetching images, presenting them and even interacting with the Instagram API much more when needed:


Spectagram - jQuery Instagram Plugin

A feature-rich jQuery plugin that can fetch photos from Instagram.

It has support for getting photos of a specific user or popular or recently tagged ones.

The HTML format can be easily customized and images can be retrieved in pre-defined sizes.



Instajam is an almost complete JavaScript wrapper for the whole Instagram API.

It makes use of jQuery for working with JSONP requests and comes with features like getting:

  • user: likes, general info, feed, followers/following, search and relationships
  • media: search, popular ones, likes/comments of a specific item
  • tag: feed, meta and search
  • location and geography: getting media from a specific location/geography and search



A to-the-point jQuery plugin for only displaying images of a user.

There are very few things to setup and the images are retrieved as an unordered list.



This jQuery plugin, similar to InstaJam, wraps the (almost) complete Instagram API.

It can pull images, likes follows/followers of users and photos.

Also, InstaLib can push data as well (liking and commenting)



A simplistic plugin for only getting the images of a user and displaying them as a gallery.

Just define the number of images to be pulled and that’s it.

jQuery Instagram

jQuery Instagram

The plugin is only supports getting images but supports fetching by user, popular, tags and location.

Also, the image quality can be defined as well.

Instafeed.js (non-jQuery)


Instafeed.js is a standalone Instagram JavaScript library.

It can get photos with each possible method (user’s photos, photos by tags/location/popular) and sort them as well.

And for templating, it has functions for easily displaying the meta items of a photo.


Content sliders are one of the most used elements of today’s web design. They help us a lot when we have limited space but more things to display.

jQuery Slider Shock is a very impressive (probably the most-customizable and feature-rich) jQuery slider plugin (with WordPress support) that comes with both free and paid versions.

jQuery Slider Shock

The plugin is capable of presenting both images and videos that are hosted locally or from external sources like RSS, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter and Instagram.

It has 30+ transition effects which include very original, creative ones and they can be customized as well (like the number of slices, delay or speed).

Items featured can be browsed with thumbnails that can be placed on any side of the slider, prev-next buttons (multiple designs exist) or keyboard.

Captions can be added to each slide and HTML can be used in them. Also, captions can be improved with background images as well.

jQuery Slider Shock

Like mentioned, the plugin has WordPress support. Actually, it integrates with WordPress deeply.

It can use WordPress posts, custom post types and taxonomies as the source for the slider or captions can include author and date info.

And, there are ~40 ready-to-use skins for changing the layout instantly.

jQuery Slider Shock is very well-documented (both the jQuery and WordPress versions).

How to join the giveaway?

In order to get a chance to win one of the 10 Combo WP+jQuery licenses being given away, you can do one or both of the stuff mentioned below:

That’s all.

The winners will be selected randomly on 15 Nov 2012 (1 week later) randomly and good luck to all.


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