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iOS7 has slick, flat and circular switches that are used for select box-like elements that has two options.

Switchery is a JavaScript library, that doesn’t require any JS  frameworks, that can convert select boxes into such interfaces.

The style of the switches can be customized easily, they support the “disabled” state and the effect speed can be changed as well.


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  • When developing with Xcode and Objective-C, it is usually hard and time-consuming to create animations.

    Canvas is a project that makes adding good-looking animations easy for iOS apps.

    Canvas For iOS

    With almost no coding, effects like fade, zoom in/out, slide, bounce, pop, shake and more are available for use.

    The project is not only about animations but currently comes with a “custom font” component and plans to add ones like parallax, sticky headers and various others.

    VisualPharm, a talented graphic and UI design company, is sharing a huge set of free iOS 7-styled icons.

    The set includes 800+ items where new ones are added regularly and has icons from actions to devices, shopping, animal, sports, file-types and much more.

    They are available in PNG with multiple from 25*25px to 512*512px and can be freely used in commercial projects.

    iOS 7 Style Icons

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  • When designing for mobile, transferring the work from desktop to the mobile device for previewing it is usually time-consuming.

    Skala Preview is a free Mac application with free iOS and Android apps that makes this process a joy.

    The application instantly sends lossless and colour-accurate previews to mobile and they can be zoomed, tested for color blindness and viewed in any orientation.

    Skala Preview

    For Photoshop CS5+ users, previews can be delivered on each edit automatically and, for others, they can be sent via the clipboard or by dragging files to its dock icon or window.

    Also, Skala Preview supports any number of devices being connected at the same time.

    Device images are widely used when showcasing mobile apps and presenting realistic designs of mobile apps/layouts.

    Mobile Design Kit is a free set of mobile devices that are flat designed and provided as .PSD files.

    The download package is categorized in operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) and there are designs for iPhone, iPad S3, S4 & Nexus 7 and more.

    Mobile Design Kit