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Today, HTTP requests are used widely in websites as we fetch data using APIs, get screenshots or AJAX requests.

Unirest is a pack of lightweight HTTP libraries for many languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java And Objective-C).


It has support for GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, DELETE operations and its methods + response structure are the same in all languages.

The usage is very simple and straightforward. Also, it is documented well.

Working completely online is not only a getting popular trend but also something that happens slowly in the background almost without us realizing it.

Many of us have online storage accounts to host our documents/codes, lots of web apps exist to help us accomplish our daily tasks (image editors, cross-browser testing tools, etc.).

Orion Web IDE

Orion, by Eclipse, is an open source and online IDE application (that is alternative to others) which can be a good alternative for anyone willing to create code online.

It has 2 versions, hosted or self-hosted, and the self-hosted version requires Java to run.

The application supports working with multiple projects, creating files/folders, FTP and there is Firebug + Git integration.

Orion is extensible with its plugin system and it is well-documented.

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  • Everyone has a method for handling forms but it usually gets complicated when there are file uploads in that form.

    Fine Uploader is a plug 'n' play script that ease file uploads and improve usability with the Ajaxed interface.

    The script was known as valums-file-uploader (was featured at WRD) and deserves a 2nd shot with the improvements it had.

    Fine Uploader

    It only requires us to insert a CSS + JavaScript file and the rest is taken care of on the server-side with your favorite scripting language. No worries, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python implementations are offered in the download package.

    Uploader can be the standard "file input" or it has support for drag 'n' drop uploads as well.

    Also, there are options to limit the file size, file types, number of files and more.

    MobileESP is an open source project for easily detecting users browsing the web pages with a mobile browser.

    It has server-side versions for PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Ruby and a client-side JavaScript version with light features.

    There are methods provided for detecting a specific device (iPhone, Android, WebOS, etc.) or a wider selection if it is a smartphone, tablet, game console, etc.

    The project has support for most of the well-known devices and can even identify their capabilities.

    Mobile Operating Systems

    If you have a web application with an API, a good documentation makes it much easier for the users to consume it and helps the service grow faster.

    Swagger is an open source application that supports REST-based APIs and simultaneously solves server, client and documentation/sandbox needs.

    It enables developers and non-developers to interact with the API in a sandbox UI that gives a good idea on how the API responds to parameters and options.


    It speaks JSON + XML and comes with implementations in Scala, Java and HTML5. And, client generators are available for Scala, Java, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and Actionscript 3.

    It is developed by Wordnik and a working implementation can be found at Wordnik's API documentation page.