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Most webmasters agree that Google Analytics provides high-quality traffic analysis without much competition. But you can’t host their scripts on your own server and must rely on Google’s servers for data storage. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, it may not be exactly what you’re looking for in a traffic analytics script.

This gallery includes a number of self-hosted and cloud-hosted services for traffic analysis. It’s always possible to go back using Google Analytics if you prefer. But sometimes it is worth testing some other services just to see what they can offer.

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In the past I have spent days constructing my own polls with JavaScript and PHP. It takes a lot of time developing the database and internal functions without any reference guide. But thankfully we have access to a number of free services dedicated to website polls and surveys.

This gallery includes 15 free plugins, scripts, and externally-hosted services for generating user polls. Almost every major CMS engine has a poll plugin which can save you hours of time reinventing the wheel. Take a peek at the examples below and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

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Vanity Toolset is a set of jQuery plugins, created by Enavu (developers of 52framework), to simplify many common tasks of front-end UI development.

The toolset currently includes 7 plugins: jSlider, jTabs, jPaginate, jSpotlight, jTip, jPlaceholder, and jCollapse where new ones will be added regularly.

Vanity jQuery

They are all built with simplicity in mind, nothing complicated and have small sizes.

Plugins are very well-documented, all have demos and they work cross-browser.

Backbone.Notifier is a powerful and flexible framework for displaying and controlling UI notifications.

It is built on top of jQuery, Backbone.js + Underscore.js and has many cool features like a 3D module or animations support.


The notifications can be displayed on the top or in the middle, modal notifications exist and it is possible to set custom styles via CSS + JS API.

Messages can be timed to be shown or hidden as wished, an integrated loader exists and there are pre-defined styles: default, info, error, warning and success.

X-Tag is a tiny JavaScript library for creating custom HTML elements which can have totally custom functionalities.

The library is based on the W3C Web Components draft and it is built/supported by Mozilla.


As an example, we can create an HTML element named "accordion" and, using JavaScript, customize it to convert its contents to an accordion. As a result, whenever we use <accordion></accordion>, the contents will be presented as an accordion.

The things that can be created with the library is totally up to our imagination (like a tabbox, tree, special input, slider, navigation, etc.).