Tag: Javascript

Advanced Scrolling Effects jQuery Plugin: SuperScrollorama

You'll remember Scrollorama, the popular jQuery plugin for creating chic scrolling effects. There is now a superior version named SuperScrollorama by the same developer which offers more and complicated animations. It makes use of the feature-rich TweenMax and the Greensock Tweening Engine (make sure you ...


Drop-downs (List-Menus) With Images – ddSlick

Improving (manipulating) standard HTML elements with JavaScript for a better usability makes sense when used wisely. ddSlick, a lightweight jQuery plugin, does that by mimicking the behavior of list-menus with a better look and more information. It works as a drop-down menu where we can use images and description ...


Ajaxify Standard Forms Instantly – ALAJAX

Today, using JavaScript frameworks, it is so easy to accomplish complex stuff with few lines of code, including Ajax. For forms, if you want to make it much easier, ALAJAX is there for you. It is a jQuery plugin that automagically converts standard forms into Ajaxed ones, no coding required. Once inserted and the ...


A Different JavaScript Calendar – jQuery Verbose Calendar

jQuery Verbose Calendar is a plugin for creating a calendar that displays the whole months and days of a year at the same time. Once loaded, it auto-scrolls to "today" and displays the day names when hovered to any date in a tooltip. The calendar can be inserted into any HTML element with a single ...


Automated Filler Content For Web Documents: Fixie.js

When working on a new web project, during the HTML coding process, using Lorem Ipsum as filler content is a common approach (yet, there great Lorem Ipsum alternatives). Fixie.js is a simple JavaScript library (with no JS framework dependencies) that automatically analyzes your semantic HTML5 tags and adds the right ...


Vector Maps With jQuery – JQVMap

JQVMap is a jQuery plugin for rendering vector maps by using SVG for modern browsers and VML for the rest. It is a heavily modified version of another plugin, jVectorMap, and comes with ready-to-use maps of "world, USA, Europe and Germany". There are several customization options for beautifying ...