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easyAlbum is an open source image gallery script built with JavaScript.

This image gallery does not have an AJAX interface but it simply presents the images inside list tags with a Lightbox type browser friendly pop-up and navigation support.

JavaScript Image Gallery

How to use easyAlbum?

  • After inserting easyALBUM.js file in your page, create a list with the "ul" tag id equals gallery like <ul id="gallery"> and add the images inside the "li" tags.
  • Modify your "body" tag for onload like <body onload = "TJK_Gallery('gallery');">.

SoundManager is a Javascript Sound API which  effectively maps most of the native sound capabilities of Flash 8 to Javascript.

It enables you to control sound in a cross-browser/platform environment, using a language you already know.

Sound Manager

A sample SoundManager code would be:


You see that it is really easy. This JavaScript Flash Sound API has other powerful controls like:

  • stream
  • autoplay
  • onid3 – for ID3 tag displaying
  • whileplaying
  • and more..

Using SoundManager, you can easily create sound based web applications or more interactive background sounds for non-Flash websites.

For the projects that you don’t already have form controls, wForms is an open source unobtrusive JavaScript form controls library that you’ll find very useful.

Form Assembly

It includes input validation, tooltips, field synchronization controls and more.

How to use wForms?

It is pretty easy. After inserting the javaScript library to your pages you can control the field attributes with classes like:

<input type="text" ... class="required"/>

inserts the a required field control for this input.

Paging with navigation is also another nice control which makes multi-step forms easy to handle.

Dock menus are very handy when it comes to limited space in designs. They just appear when needed and this idea expands the website area so much.

Webber 2.0 Dock Menu is a nice JavaScript docking menu which is easy to implement and does not require any JavaScript frameworks.

Dock Menu

It is built with the Philippe Maegerman’s tween class. The logic of the menu is very simple:  an empty div which determines the mouseover area for the docking effect and that’s it. Simple but very functional.

Control Suite is a set of 6 high quality widgets and controls built with the Prototype JavaScript framework.

Each script is well tested, highly extensible and unobstrusive.

Select Multiple Textbox With Prototype

Suite has these widgets and controls:

  • Tab
  • Modal
  • TextArea
  • Select Multiple
  • Rating
  • Progress Bar

Different approach to star rating:

Prototype Star Rating

Suite is very well documented. You can easily reach the details of the APIs and this makes the product much more usable.

fileNice is a free file manager built with PHP that lets users to browse through the files & folders easily.

The AJAX interface speeds up the browsing and it has nice features like:

  • Folder specific slideshows of images (without page reloads)
  • File details
  • Send to Flickr
  • Folder comments
  • Search
  • Prefs based sorting
  • Source viewing of code

PHP File Manager Script

How to use fileNice?

Very easy. You basically upload the script to the directory to be browsed and that’s all.

Virtual keyboard interfaces are generally used in websites where the highest level of security is a must like online banking applications.

Virtual keyboards help us to prevent any keylogging activies and/or provide users a special keyboard which they don’t already have (like a keyboard of another language).

This virtual keyboard very easy to use and already supports many languages.

Virtual Keyboard

How to use virtual keyboard?

You simply include the keyboard.js file and create a text element with the class = keyboardInput. That’s all.

Growl is a lightweight JavaScript (mootools powered) that you can use for creating Lightbox-like but disappearing notifications.

Growl has 2 effects:

  • Smoke (slowly fades out)
  • Bezel (fades out and slides down)

Growl is very handy for events like "product added to basket, password sent.. and similar notifications.

The title is fun, I know (and I love Lords Of The Rings).

Mapstraction has kind of a similar logic. It provides a common API for the major mapping providers. This means, when you code with Mapstraction API, you can easily switch from Yahoo Maps to Google maps or else.

You can even use this power to create creative solutions like this syncronizing maps example:

 JavaScript Map API

Some features of this mapping API:

  • Support for 9 major mapping providers
  • Point, Line, Polygon support
  • Image overlay
  • GeoRSS and KML feed import
  • Geocoding of addresses
  • Driving directions

mooRainbow is an easy to integrate JavaScript color picker built with mootools.

This color picker can be attached to any element in the DOM. A click event would automatically be attached to that element and simply clicking on it you will be able to show or hide mooRainbow.

JavaScript Color Picker

This mootools powered JavaScript color picker:

  • is fully customizable via CSS file.
  • keeps clean your DOM and generates valid XHTML and CSS.
  • provides you, as return, an object containing RGB, HSB and HEX of choosen color.
  • works on Firefox/Safari/Opera/IE.
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