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quizzy is an open source PHP-Ajax library for creating online multiple-choice quizzes.

It uses XML files for configuring the questions/answers of every quiz where each question and answer can have a true/false or a point value.

All data is loaded via Ajax which makes it impossible to view the future questions or answers of them inside the source.


Questions can have an explanation text once an answer is submitted. And also, images can be used within questions and answers.

After the quiz is completed, it displays your calculated score and grade (optionally, with an image for every grade).

There is also an online quizzy builder, an online form which helps you creating the XML files easily.

quizzy uses jQuery and the jQuery loader plugin for notifying users in every Ajax request.

Qutensil (or Q.js) is a JavaScript toolset built on the top of prototype.js and scriptaculous libraries.

It is featuring various modules like:

  • growl-like user messaging system
  • color picker (based on raphaël)
  • slider
  • tooltip system
  • draggable window and alert / confirm / prompt windowing system.

Qutensil JavaScript Toolset

The toolset is using a dynamic stylesheet system which generates the CSS declarations on demand and only for the modules active at that time.

And, optionally, you can add your own declarations for any given class which makes object styling really easy.

For further customization, the original vector files for every image used is provided too.

P.S. Qutensil is only free for personal use.

Any+Time is a feature-rich jQuery plugin (has a PrototypeJS version too) for creating simple-to-advanced date and time pickers.

It can work as a pop-up or an always present picker, can be set as a time or date only picker and supports:

  • 12/24 hour clock
  • any custom date format
  • date/time range limits
  • custom start day of the week
  • UTC offsets / time zones
  • and more.

Any+Time jQuery Date Time Picker

Any+Time can be customized with custom labels and languages. Also, it can be styled completely via CSS or with the help of jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

Using the plugin, you can easily convert dates to/from strings (including JSON and XML) and it supports multiple instances in a single page.

It is keyboard-friendly (WAI-ARIA 1.0) and, optionally, can respond to double clicks.

Previously, a post at WRD was sharing 10 password strength-meter scripts for easily warning users about weak passwords while filling forms.

chronoStrength is a new one which comes as a standalone JavaScript file or a jQuery plugin.

Compared to the standard strength meters which visualize the strength of passwords with colors, this script displays "an estimate of the time for a desktop PC to crack the password".

And, the messages to be displayed can be customized by updating the source code a little which can end up in an original and funny experience.


OpenLike is a fresh and open source social bookmarking widget which is simple-yet-functional.

Similar to professional services like AddThis or ShareThis, but much simpler, you can add social bookmarking options to any website by simply inserting a JavaScript file.


By default, the widget supports StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook Like and Hutch (the ones to be displayed can be customized).

However, as you can get the source, adding new ones is very easy by simply defining them to the JavaScript array, the CSS file and the sprite image.