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jQuery UI, the official user interface components library of jQuery, offers a lot for quickly implementing widely-used widgets and features into websites.

It consists of the popular datepicker, slider, accordion, progress bar, drag 'n' drop and much more.

And, it is themable, there is even ThemeRoller which allows anyone to customize their own themes.

However, any ThemeRoller-customized theme will still smell jQuery UI which can be seen in many sites.

If you are looking for highly-customized (like Bootstrap or Windows-Metro looking), quality and free jQuery UI themes, there are not too much options and here they are:

jQuery UI Bootstrap

jQuery UI Bootstrap Theme

An awesome theme for the Twitter Bootstrap fans as it transforms the widgets into the Bootstrap style.


Delta jQuery UI Theme

A slick, retina-ready jQuery UI theme which makes use of CSS3 gradients and some @2x images.

It works well in both dark and light backgrounds.

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jQuery UI is a great addition to jQuery JavaScript framework with the widgets and customization it offers.

If you're looking for alternative widgets, Wijmo, which is a set of 30 items, can be the one.


It has 2 versions where the "Open" version has ~15 free to use items and the "Complete" version, which is commercial (or free for GPL licenses apps), includes the full set.

Wijmo's "Open" version has many frequently used widgets like accordion, calendar, progress bar, slider, tabs, tooltip and more.

They make use of the jQuery UI CSS Framework and they are Themeroller-ready.

jStackMenu is a jQuery UI widget which transforms the children of any element into a beautiful stack menu.

The menu opens with a smooth animation and it is possible to control:

  • when it opens and closes
  • the direction it opens
  • the size of the arc
  • the time it takes to open

In order customize it more, it also has support for events.

The widget uses CSS transforms for creating the arcing and for browsers that doesn't support the feature, it displays the menu as a straight line.

jQuery Stack Menu

jQuery UI Multiselect is a widget that converts html multiple select inputs into slicker interfaces.

It makes searching within the options possible which is very functional for large lists & selected items can be re-ordered by drag’n drops.

jQuery UI Multi Select

It can display the number of selected items & for an easier selection, there are select all/deselect all links provided.

The widget is unobtrusive & and be styled with ThemeRoller.

IxEdit is an easy-to-use & free tool which aims to simplify the implementation of interactions on a web page, specially for anyone who is not experienced in JavaScript.

This interaction design tool is built with JavaScript & needs to be embedded into the webpage being edited. With the help of a modal-box-like interface, interactions created will be applied instantly.

Interaction Design Tool

Rather than totally new scripts, IxEdit generates jQuery & jQuery UI code using the parameters specified.

Interactions are stored in a local database (Google Gears), so, anything created won’t be lost even if the page is refreshed or closed.