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Pingendo is a fresh IDE that is currently in beta status and available for Win + Mac.

It is currently free (can become paid after the beta – no info on that) and focuses on easing web authoring.

There is a DOM-tree editor which we can quickly view the tree and edit their styles and/or properties.


Pingendo has built-in support for Bootstrap + Foundation frameworks an Font Awesome (more such stuff will be added).

Also, CSS rules can be edited visually, including CSS3 ones like gradients or transformations.

ViniSketch Designer  is a free software for visually creating mobile applications using web and native technologies.

It only works with Mac OS X and provides visual editors for designing the GUI + dataflow besides a code editor to customize the stuff in detail.

Vinisketch Designer

There is a built-in simulator and debugger which is based on the WebKit's WebInspector.

The apps created are compatible with iOS + Android and other platforms are under development.

Also, if you will be using PhoneGap for the app created, it can generate the project automatically.

Chatbox is a free Mac OS X application that brings simple project collaboration features into Dropbox.

It allows us to comment to files hosted on Dropbox and easily start a discussion/chat about them.

Once installed, right click any file/folder and instantly start conversations with the people that the Dropbox file/folder is shared.

It can work offline, syncs when you are back online and requires no registration as everything is stored inside Dropbox.

Chatbox for Dropbox

ViniSketch Designer is a free application –for Mac OSX– for designing and creating mobile applications using native and web technologies.

It comes with feature-rich visual editors for designing the GUI + dataflow and code editors for keeping the development under control.

The engine of the app has support for multiple platforms and you can managing your mobile app for each device you're targeting.

Vinisketch Designer

ViniSketch Designer is currently compatible for building iOS + Android apps, however, compatibility for other popular platforms are under development.

It can auto-generate Phonegap projects and there is a built-in HTML5 simulator + debug tools based on WebKit WebInspector.

Find my Font, a very useful desktop font identifier application, is giving away 5 Pro licenses ($69/each) to WRD readers.

Details on joining the giveaway can be found at the bottom of this post and here is what this tool offers:

What is Find my Font?

We sometimes see a beautiful logo and wonder which font is used to create it. Guessing and try-catches is the popular method for reaching to a result but it takes time and usually hard.

Find my Font is a desktop application (with Windows and Mac OS X versions) that can identify a font used in images and helps browsing your font library.

Find my Font

It works by selecting the letters in the image and asks us to type these letters and runs a quick scan within the fonts in our system (any number of font folders can be defined) to find the ones with the closest match.

The great thing is that the application doesn't only return a single result but also lists and orders the fonts according to their similarity score which is handy for finding alternatives.

Find my Font has an easy-to-use toolbox for taking screenshots, rotating images or selecting letters to make sure that the image to be analyzed is ready for a scan.

Find my Font - Font Browser

As mentioned previously, the application is also a font browser where you can type a text and quickly see how it looks. Also, the scan works during browsing fonts so that the alternatives to the system fonts (or their duplicates) can be instantly catched.

How to join the giveaway?

Find my Font is giving away 5 * Pro licenses and it is enough to comment for joining this giveaway -and let us know you favorite font in the comments which can help other commenters meet new lovely fonts – totally optional : )-.

Winners will be selected randomly with the query below on 13 Dec 2011 (a week later):

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=2602 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 5

Good luck to all.

And, the winners

The winners are selected and here they are:

  • Aldo (comment #454823)
  • Josh D. (comment #457922)
  • NRL (comment #454441)
  • Robert Barcus (comment #454262)
  • Webster (comment #455313)


GAget is a Mac OS X widget for anyone willing to see the important Google Analytics stats quickly and frequently.

It displays the number of visits, new visitors and bounces with a chic interface.

The widget is not limited to a single site and it is easy to switch between profiles (also, multiple instances can be used).

Gaget - Google Analytics Widget

Antialiaser is a free application that eases OpenType and TrueType font visualization and customization for using them inside Flex and AIR projects.

Using the application, it is possible to use any font, fine tune them and get the generated CSS.


Its interface shows the system + embedded fonts, standard + zoom view and has various options like activating transparent background, comparisons and snapshots.

Advanced and beginner Flex developers will probably both find the application useful for a better typography in their projects.

Antialiser comes with versions for for Windows and Mac OS X.

When it comes to the world of Mac, "free" is not a frequently used word as most of the softwares are paid.

For web designers and developers which require many applications (like an IDE, image editor, FTP and DB manager, etc.) for the job, they can sum up to a serious budget.

However, to the contrary, there are some free (even open source) and high quality Mac applications for web designers/developers which can easily create an alternative.

WRD brings you a huge list of (50+) these free Mac apps which can easily be as powerful as the paid apps you may be using. Just check them out and bookmark for using in the future (if not starting to use instantly):


Image And Graphic


Pencil Animation App For Mac

An open source application (works on Windows and Linux besides Mac OS X) that enables us to create hand-drawn animations (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics.



Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor which works in all major platforms and offers the features of a high-quality vector drawing application.

With a slick interface, the software supports lots of advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and editing nodes or performing complex path operations can be simply handled.

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When creating a web application or a software, it is usually a good idea to search for resources, like snippets, plugins, etc., that can ease the job.

Cocoa Controls is a website which offers this functionality to iOS and Mac OS X developers by listing open source and custom UI components for these platforms.

Cocoa Controls

There are already 150+ controls (like this awesome iCarousel) where new ones are added regularly. Also, you can submit new resources as well.

P.S. What would be greater is a categorization of the controls so they can be found much easier.

Hub List is an open source to-do list application that works on the desktop.

It has versions for Windows, Mac OS X + Linux and a mobile one that mostly targets the iOS platform.

Hub List

The application supports creating folders>sub-folders and tasks>sub-tasks for an unlimited hierarchy.

Hub List is currently in beta status and working on impressive features like auto-synchronize data to any private cloud, collaboration and importing-exporting data.

Uptime Robot