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GitHub is one of the most popular hosted version control services around and, besides its premium plans, usage is completely free for open source projects.

Many widely-used projects are hosted there (including Node.js Ruby on Rails, PHP or jQuery) and it definitely helps taking the code under control + improving the code with the contribution of others.

If you are like me; "work better with GUI apps rather than the command-line" and use GitHub, they now have free-to-use desktop apps for popular operating systems.

GitHub for Windows

Lately, they had launched GitHub for Mac and, now, GitHub for Windows is released.

Both applications offer almost all the functionality that can be reached from command line tools and ease the usage for developers like me : ).

Desktop apps definitely have their own advantages over web apps like speed, ability to reach the filesystem, working in the background, notifications, etc.

However, for us (the web developers), it is a challenge to create one as they need  to be coded in a non-web programming language (yes, there are exceptions).

AppJS is an exciting resource that allows us to develop desktop apps using web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).


The project uses Chromium as the core (so that the latest HTML5 APIs are supported) and Node.js as the backbone.

P.S. It is in the early stages of development, Linux and Windows ports are functional and Mac part is not available yet.

SOFA is an open source statistics, analysis, & reporting application that can collect data from a selected source.

It doesn't force you to work with an offline data and can connect to various live databases including:

  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access

by just mentioning your login details. After that, you can customize the reports to be generated by selecting any columns from the tables and by applying filters.

SOFA Statistics

Optionally, it is possible to import data from Excel spreadsheets, ODS spreadsheets, CSV files and Google Docs spreadsheets.

SOFA creates beautiful and interactive HTML outputs (powered with JavaScript). Also, it has tabular outputs that can be directly opened in MS Excel or pasted into OpenOffice Calc.

If small things change in your dataset, you don't need to re-import data but they can be edited manually.

There are many ready-to-use reports like row and column percentages, mean, median, standard deviation, min – max and more.

Typechart is a website which enables us to browse, preview and compare web typography while getting the CSS.

It has the screenshots of the fonts for PC and Mac to see the differences before using them.

Also, the website can display the typefaces in custom sizes and emphasis.


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  • CSS3 Menu is a free application for creating navigations using the CSS3 properties and no JavaScript.

    The application has both Windows + Mac versions and it is possible to set the styles of the outputs easily.

    CSS3 Menu

    Menus are generated in a HTML list structure, can be vertical or horizontal and have multiple sub-menus.

    Also, it can display the previews of the navigations on every step which is a nice feature that speeds up the development.