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jVectorMap – A jQuery Plugin For Vector Maps

Flash was the tool for creating interactive maps where we can hover or click any region and see details about them. Right now, it is easier to create maps with JavaScript and, thanks to JS frameworks, it even gets much simpler. jVectorMap is a jQuery plugin for creating such interactive maps very quickly. It uses ...


Interactive Data-Rich Web Pages With Exhibit

Exhibit is a three-tier web application framework written in Javascript which makes it easier to show a few hundred records of data on maps, timelines, scatter plots, interactive tables, etc., without any programming knowledge. In order to use Exhibit, writing a simple data file, and an HTML file that specifies how ...


Auto-Highlight Areas Of Any Map Image

Highlighting areas like countries, cities in a map image is a time consuming job. Many alternative images need to be created for the mouse over effects & they must be linked to each other too. Mapper.js allows you to add automatic area highlighting to image maps on your webpages (inc. export to SVG). ...