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Open Source Ajax Push Engine: APE

APE (Ajax Push Engine) is an open source solution which is designed to push real-time data with only JavaScript on the client side. The core of APE is an epoll-driven HTTP server, entirely written in C, which provides patterns such as XHR long-polling (cross browser), forever frame and many more. The other part of ...


Powerful & Flexible Ajax Uploader: FancyUpload

FancyUpload, the popular Ajaxed file uploader, now has new version with more features. To remember, FancyUpload is an unobtrusive file-input replacement with multiple-file selection & queued upload with an animated progress bar. It uses MooTools, works with the help of Swiff (a MooTools class) & as a SWF ...


11 Syntax Highlighters To Beautify Code Presentation

When sharing codes on a website, even they are wrapped with code tags or styled differently, it is always a challenge to read them without syntax highlighting. There are various syntax highlighters which can format the codes & color them appropriately according to the languages used. Whether it is a HTML page or ...


MooTools Image Slider: SlideItMoo

SlideItMoo is a free MooTools image slider that can be used as an image gallery or a banner rotator. Images can be browsed via prev-next buttons (or mouse wheel) & it's design can be customized totally via CSS. SlideItMoo offers several options like: Ability to limit the images to be shown once ...

25 Amazing JavaScript Games (Some Fun And Inspiration)

493° 25 Amazing JavaScript Games (Some Fun And Inspiration)

JavaScript, with the rise of Ajax, is definitely a must-know-well for every web designer/developer. Besides form controls, alerts & similar simple JavaScript usage, you can almost do anything with the help of JavaScript (& Canvas). Some samples are: Drag'n drops Animations CSS manipulations, ...


Open Source Flash Gauges

Open Flash Gauges is a set of open source Flash files, supported with serverside connectors (ASP & PHP), to display any numeric data as gauges. Gauges in the set are: Percentage Thermometer Dual Resource Meter Meter Status I/O Digital readout Demos can be found here. ...


UI Library For MooTools: JxLib

JxLib is a JavaScript library for creating graphical user interfaces just like jQuery UI, Ext JS or Dijit. It is based on MooTools & well-document with a list examples. The library includes: layout managers buttons tabs toolbars dialogs panels trees grid control ...


Flexible Ajax Image Gallery: Imago

Imago is an Ajax image gallery built with MooTools. This gallery has connectors for Flickr, SmugMug & SimpleViewer to call images from them or use their XML files. Imago is fully customizable with CSS & very easy to use. A detailed "how to use" information guides you on setting up your Ajax ...


Nice MooTools Animated Menu

This is a nice animated menu built with MooTools. The trick of the menu is a Flashy hover effect of the arrow (or any element you want). To use this menu script, you don't even have to play with JavaScript except defining the variables: background image container nav elements current nav element's ...