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CalendarPicker – Lightweight jQuery Date Picker

CalendarPicker is a jQuery plugin that enables us to create a good-looking and pretty original date picker. It displays a pre-defined amount of the next and previous days/months/years for a quick selection. Also, users can browse through the dates with mouse-wheel (uses the mouse wheel plugin) or the prev/next ...


Convert Mouse Movements Into Actions: Moousture

Moousture is a JavaScript mouse gesture library, built with MooTools. It simply checks the mouse movements & catches them if they follow any given route. The library is very customizable. Variables like: miliseconds mouse movements will be traced interval of the number of mouse steps errored movements ...


Slideshow For jQuery Or Scriptaculous: Horinaja

Horinaja is a free slideshow script that comes in two versions: scriptaculous/Prototype or jQuery. It slides contents inside an unordered list wrapped with a div whose class="horinaja". The script has support for mouse wheel that only works when the slideshow is hovered which is a nice feature for not ...


Enable Mouse Gestures With jQuery

jQuery Fancy Gestures is a plugin for enabling mouse gestures on any website. Using the plugin, you can accept inputs similar to smartphones, create a captcha where users will need to draw a text & more (totally up to your imagination). The plugin is a port of mouse gesture recognition with ActionScript & ...