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You'll remember JSMad, a pure JavaScript MP3 decoder (which was previously featured at WRD).

It came with ID3 support, works perfect in Firefox and requires "enabling Web Audio API" in Chrome.

The developers of JSMad have recently released a similar resource named ALAC.js.

It is also JavaScript library but for decoding/playing ALAC files (that are supported on iPhone, iPad, most iPods, Mac and iTunes).

Although HTML5 audio is the most compatible way to play audio in iOS devices, ALAC.js can be an alternative.

P.S. it is a port of the recently open sourced Apple Lossless decoder.

JavaScript Audio Codecs

SCM Music Player is an open source and web-based music player application that is built on top of the popular JavaScript sound API:  SoundManager.

The player sits on the top or bottom of web pages, has support for playlists where listeners can easily choose from and plays MP3, MP4, RSS podcasts or Youtube playlists.

SCM Music Player

Multiple skins exist to choose from and few options like default volume, autostart or shuffle playback helps helps customizing it more.

By default, the player would work as an external player from the domain of the resource however, it can be downloaded and installed on your own domain pretty easily.

Yahoo! WebPlayer is a fresh web-based media player from Yahoo! which can be integrated into any web page with just inserting a line of JS code.

It has support for many media formats including MP3, WMA, YouTube, Yahoo! Video, etc. and works automatically by scanning the related links/files in a web page and inserting a "play" button besides each of them.

Yahoo! WebPlayer

Once the "play" button is clicked, an in-page  (can be a good way to keep the users in the same page) and good-looking player appears with a nice slide effect that plays the media either in a tiny audio player or a video player.

The player can even detect related media itself and link to them if the "term detection" mode is enabled.

The API for the player is under development and it'll offer much more flexibility once launched.

P.S. You'll remember the popular Yahoo! Media Player, WebPlayer is actually the next-generation of this product.

jsmad is a JavaScript-powered MP3 decoder which allows browsers to play MP3 files without Flash .

The project is actually the port of the popular libmad audio decoder and a great effort of translating 15,000 lines of C code.


It has support for ID3 (with most of the tags) and works out-of-the-box in Firefox, requires "enabling Web Audio API" in Chrome and other browsers are not yet compatible.

As you can guess, the project is pretty experimental. With better browser support, it will be so useful specially for building real-time audio applications implemented in JavaScript.

audio.js is a drop-in JavaScript library that provides a more flexible HTML5's <audio> tag usage.

It uses native <audio> where available and falls back to an invisible flash player to emulate it for other browsers.


The player can be completely styled with CSS to provide a consistent user interface.

audio.js can only play mp3 files and can be extended in any way like playing a single file or a list of songs.