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If you’ve been hoping to build a newsletter for your site then look no further. This collection of resources will provide a great starting point for anyone interested in designing, managing, and marketing a newsletter. Even if you aren’t familiar with newsletters it doesn’t take very long to understand the basics. All you really need is time and lots of practice.

MailChimp Resources

online mailchimp email newsletter resources

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HTML e-mails need some special attention when coding them.

We should be using inline CSS and absolute paths, many modern elements are not supported (table-usage is preferred), etc.


Premailer is a free web-based tool (an optional bookmarklet exists) that can help you create “more compatible” HTML e-mails by checking all above and even more.

Additionally, it creates a plain text version and checks the CSS properties against e-mail client capabilities.

Responsive layouts are everywhere on the web. But, for e-mails (whose standards almost never changed), usually, we still prefer fixed-width layouts.

Antwort is a free newsletter template that still uses tables but manages to provide a responsive layout.

It is a multi-column layout where columns are transformed into rows in smaller screens.

And, the template works in all major e-mail clients (including Outlook).

Antwort - Responsive Newsletter Template

Few weeks ago, EmailCraft, an e-mail/newsletter design and markup service, has contacted me asking whether their service can be reviewed at WRD.

I thought this was a chance to offer another nice freebie to WRD readers and try the service which I was aware of for a long time.

EmailCraft gifted their “Design & Markup” package (priced $178). I was also in need of a newsletter design for a project I was part of (ioDeck) and ordered a design-markup for it.

The brief was simple: “a slick newsletter to share any upcoming features with few screenshots and details”. The output is pretty nice, we’ll be using it regularly and want to share it considering you may want to as well. Here it is (click for full version):

ioDeck Free Newsletter

The communication with the EmailCraft team was great and they created 2 different templates to choose from.

I selected the one above and requested few revisions. They were so responsive and quickly replied to the changes I asked for (all the process took only few days).

In the past, I have used PSD to HTML services and this was the first time for an e-mail markup service.

Imho, it makes so much sense as designing newsletters is a pain considering each e-mail client has its own rules and things are much worse compared to crafting HTML-CSS for websites (btw, the template above is compatible with all major e-mail clients/platforms).

P.S. The template is completely free to be used in personal and commercial projects with no attributions. It is only not allowed to redistribute the template.

WebResourcesDepot is so focused on bringing awesome web design and development resources to your attention.

Not only from the website, but the Twitter account is also another place to find exciting stuff.

However, from lots of great articles read, very useful resources discovered and lots of suggestions received each day, there are much more to share.

WebResourcesDepot Weekly

Email is old, yes, so old but an e-mail full of carefully-curated, high-quality links is so much fun.

WebResourcesDepot Weekly, a regular newsletter for web designers and developers, will be bringing this fun to your e-mail client every Monday.

Just fill the form above and you are ready to go.

P.S. As you already know, you will never be spammed and each newsletter will include an unsubscribe link.

The giveaway of $75-valued ActiveCampaign credits to 3 WRD readers each has ended today, the winners are selected and announced here.

If you missed the previous introduction and in search for a platform to send newsletters, here is a short re-introduction:

What is ActiveCampaign?

It is a professional yet not-complicated platform for sending newsletters, managing subscribers and analyzing the results.

The application offers well-designed and cross-email-client-compatible templates for an easy start (or you can design and use your own templates), allows you to test them in multiple environments before sending them and handles the deliveries for you.

ActiveCampaign Homepage

If there is already a user list, it can be imported to the system (from many other popular web apps like Sales Force, Google Contacts, etc., databases like MySQL-MSSQL or with the help of a CSV-XML file).

ActiveCampaign also enables users to create custom forms to enable website visitors subscribe to newsletters.

Results of deliveries are presented in detailed reports which eases analyzing the subscriber-base and success of the newsletters.

Also, an API is provided for integrating the platform with 3rd party apps.

The winners

Here are the winners of $75 ActiveCampaign credits:

  • bcarney (comment #403458)
  • Nikita (comment #403230)
  • sonu (comment #403438)


TinyLetter is a free-to-use web service which enables us to create an e-mail newsletter and get subscribers.

It has a very straightforward functionality and interface. You just pick a name for the newsletter and embed a code into the website which displays a sign-up form.

Also, you can ask the users to go to the custom URL provided by the service (like where the design of it can be customized.


You can see the past newsletters, read replies, see the list of subscribers and also import e-mails.

An original feature is the support for "asking a payment for subscription" to the newsletter where the amounts can be collected by the service or directly sent to any given PayPal address.

It doesn't have any advanced features like reporting, custom text per subscriber or ready-to-use templates but, for some projects, simplicity is all we need.

sendcube is presenting 10 free e-mail templates that can be used in the newsletters we send.

All of them are styled with inline-CSS & tested to work in major e-mail clients like Outlook 2000+, Lotus Notes, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo & more.

Free E-mail Templates

The templates (most of them) come in 3 versions: left-column, right-column or one-column to better suit your needs.

It is possible to preview them & download only the ones you prefer or in bulk.

Markup Factory is an impressive web publishing platform for web designers & developers.

Markup Factory

It is a hosted-platform where you can create simple to complex websites easily with features including:

  • content management system
  • blog
  • calendar
  • event registration
  • online store
  • podcasting
  • newsletter management
  • & much more.

And, you or your customers can manage all the features with a powerful content management & administration interface.

Markup Factory

I have been playing with Markup Factory for a while & the best part is, it does not limit or force you to a new way of development.

It presents you all the logics of a website, blog, online store etc., you continue developing how you used to, creating the template, css, even add JS functions if you want but don’t deal with the time-consuming programming part and take advantage of the ready-to-use modules.

Markup Factory is built with web standards in mind. It has a powerful template engine that supports native XHTML – CSS and system modules have valid XHTML outputs from end to end.

Markup Factory CMS

There are also 2 "in-beta" features that are about to make the system much powerful:

  • built-In customizable online database
  • form builder

The application is very well-documented & not complicated. This makes the adaption period shorter.

Markup Factory is offering different packages for different requirements.

For an example Markup Factory built website, check

For an overview/tour of the system, click here.


Markup Factory is complete website creation platform for web designers/developers. It will enable you to create a  complicated website with a blog, e-commerce features, event registration, calendar, etc in a very short time.

On the other hand, the website manager will be able to manage the whole content & system easily (when needed, there is a ready-to-use documentation).

P.S. This post is a review.

MailChimp presents 4 free HTML e-mail templates that are well-optimized for most of the e-mail applications.

Templates include a basic newsletter, postcard and 2-column designs.

Free E-mail Templates

You can also find newsletter coding tips at the same address and a free e-mail marketing e-book which covers email marketing benchmarks (average open/click rates, bounces, unsubs), how spam filters work & more.

Uptime Robot