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There are great and popular CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS.

Myth is an other one which allows us to write pure CSS without having to worry about browser support, or even slow spec approval.

Myth CSS

It simply functions like a CSS polyfill but we can still use variables and math functions.

The tool auto-adds browser-prefixes, runs on Nodejs and has a nice JavaScript API.

There are many metrics and information on the web that we may be following regularly: tweets, number of followers, Facebook messages, GitHub activity and much more.

Reportr is a free and open source web application (with an alternative hosted version) that allows us to track any data and make it all visible from a single dashboard.


It is built with Nodejs, uses MongoDB for storage and comes with various ready-to-use trackers like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Foursquare and even Runkeeper or Fitbit.

Reportr has a simple REST API and adding new trackers is pretty simple.

DynoSRC is a module for Nodejs apps that enables us to minimize HTTP requests by removing the need to serve JavaScript files.

The library loads the JavaScript files inline in HTML and stores them with localStorage so that they won’t be re-requested until a change happens.


And, if the contents of a JavaScript file is changed, only the changes are served which is again a gain in the file size.

Also, it is possible to serve DynoSRC itself inline and no requests will be made for JS files.

WordPress is by far the most popular application that is used for blogging and managing other types of websites.

Ghost, an open source blogging application that started with an idea by John O’Nolan and got thousands of backers at Kickstarter, is now live.

It is created “not as a powerful CMS” but for only blogging and focuses on improving the blogging experience in all means.

Ghost Blogging Platform

The application is built with Nodejs and has a lovely dashboard that presents all the important information a one place.

We can browse through the posts easily, view their stats or edit them quickly and create new ones.

It has support for theming and available as either open source/self-hosted or hosted.

Scrollback is an open source web application for adding a modern chat for websites.

It is built with Nodejs and can be either used with the free hosted version or by downloading and self-hosting it.

The app creates a single room chat interface where the community can communicate with each other.

Nodejs Chat - Scrollback

An “infinite scroll” eases following the previous messages, all messages are presented with a timeline and it is possible to view user details.

Scrollback is compatible with IRC and it can match the style of any website with little work.

While working on a web project, cross-browser testing is one of the most important (and demotivating) tasks.

DalekJS is a free and open source user interface testing tool that is built with JavaScript (Nodejs).

It is capable of running the tests from a set of popular browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox and WebKit).

DalekJS  - UI Testing With JavaScript

The tests are all created in JavaScript and it is possible to check everything from the dimensions of a page/element to the contents, title, etc.

Also, the tool can perform actions like clicking links, filling/submitting forms, resizing the window and, most importantly, take screenshots.

If you are not familiar with Nodejs, don’t let this stop you, it is very easy to setup + use. Just follow the very detailed docs.

When creating scheduled events in JavaScript, we use setTimeout() for events that are triggered once and setInterval() for the recurring ones.

Later.js, a stadalone JavaScript library, offers an advanced usage for triggering recurring events and can easily replace both methods for many projects.


It has a chainable API which allows us to set complex schedules like:

later.parse.recur() .every(2).hour().first().dayOfMonth() .and() .on(8,20).hour().last().dayOfMonth() .except() .on(12).month();

which would normally take tons of if..else statements.

Also, the library accepts cron expressions or user friendly schedules (like “every 10 seconds”).

P.S. It works both in the browser and Nodejs.

Sometimes, we don’t know how our SQL query will look like exactly as there are times that the query needs to be created dynamically.

Or, you may just be looking for a solution that will make SQL queries more readable.


Squel.js, a lightweight JavaScript library, helps building SQL query strings very easily through an object oriented API.

It works both on the browser (not advised as the queries will be visible to all) + with nodejs and supports all standard SQL queries (can be customized to support non-standard queries).

Telescope is an open source application for creating social news websites that has a similar functionality with Hacker News, Reddit, etc.

The application is built with Meteor, a real-time JS framework, and it runs on nodejs.

Every data in Telescope is displayed in real-time, it is possible to collect entries under categories and users can discuss on each entry easily.

Telescope - Social News App

Two types of authentication exist: e-mail/pass or Twitter and there is support for invite-only sign-up.

Layout provided by the app is responsive, has a very nice look and can be customized as well.

The-M-Project is an exciting HTML5 JavaScript framework for building cross-browser  mobile web applications (iOS, Android, Palm webOS, BlackBerry).

It makes use of jQuery on the JavaScript part and contains all ui + core files with features like offline support, internationalization and more.


The-M-Project is not alone, it requires nodeJS and comes with a build tool called: Espresso! which makes it easy to structure your code, build and run it on a built-in server.

Although the framework is in alpha stage, it is already well-documented and comes with multiple downloadable examples.

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