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Alertify is a lightweight JavaScript library for displaying stylish notifications with ease.

The library doesn’t depend on any JS frameworks, can show notifications in a modal window and also feature growl-like messages.

Alertify - JavaScript Notifications

Notifications are unobtrusive and the outputs can be completely customized via CSS as custom classes can be attached to elements.

Callbacks exist for ok + cancel events to act accordingly and there is support for chaining to create queued dialogs.


There are situations where we may want to catch the attention of visitors without disturbing them.

This can be a notification about user's account, a promotion on a product or similar.

Call-to-action-bars are great for such usage and jBar, a jQuery plugin eases creating them.


jBar notifications are displayed for a few seconds at the top of the web page and toggles automatically. After that user can click a ribbon to show/hide it.

The plugin is lightweight and its functionality + style can be completely customized quickly.

Growl is a lightweight JavaScript (mootools powered) that you can use for creating Lightbox-like but disappearing notifications.

Growl has 2 effects:

  • Smoke (slowly fades out)
  • Bezel (fades out and slides down)

Growl is very handy for events like "product added to basket, password sent.. and similar notifications.