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If prototyping websites on paper is a part of your workflow, papers with the right grid simplify the process so much.

Paperkit is a website that allows us to create any type of graph paper we want with the right margin, spacing and size (A4, A3, legal, tabloid and letter).

It is also possible to set the stroke size + color and get a dotted or lined output.

Once the paper is ready, it is available as a PDF download.


When creating wireframes offline, papers with grids help a lot to create outputs that look better.

Dotted Paper is just a free PDF file which makes wireframing/designing easier with the horizontal and vertical grid it has.

Although that is a simple resource and can be created with not much effort, it is very handy as it is ready to download : ).

Dotted Paper

oriDomi is a JavaScript library for beautifully folding up any HTML element just like a paper.

The library doesn't depend on any JavaScript frameworks (but has optional support for jQuery) and uses CSS 3D transitions for creating the effect.


Folding is performed as an animated event where the number of vertical/horizontal slices, speed and shading can all be set.

There are multiple effects and events provided: accordion, reveal, curl, collapse, ramp, foldUp, unfold and reset.

oriDomi is compatible with all modern browsers (including mobile). is a website presenting 55+ free textures & more added frequently.

From paper textures to grunge textures, all images are well-categorized.

Free Seamless Textures

The website is focused on seamless textures: textures that can be repeated infinitly without showing any edges.

They are created from creative commons licensed images that can be found on the net. And, you can also reach the source images of every texture presented.