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Although somewhat of an offbeat concept, storing your documents in WordPress can provide a number of benefits. PDFs and other types of documents(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) can be quickly shared with others who need access to certain information. Google Drive provides a cloud-based approach but it’s not a completely private solution.

There aren’t too many plugins available with this direct functionality. However the plugins which are out there have some of the best interfaces imaginable. Take a look over this collection and see if you can find any valuable resources to handle online document storage in WordPress.

BSK PDF Manager

bsk pdf manager plugin open source

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PDF files and other related formats are usually secured without editing. Sometimes you’ll also get files which behave like a flat image where you can’t even select the text. This can get pretty frustrating if you’re working on a detailed project. But thankfully we have technology called optical character recognition.

This task known as OCR can distinguish various letters on a page, much like turning an image into a contextual document. There are some great tools and plugins out there on the web for this exact purpose. I’ve put together an excellent compilation in the showcase below.

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Elegant Themes, a brand that creates lovely WordPress themes, is sharing a very nice freebie.

It is a set of 90 free flat icons that are high-quality and available in 2 variations: colored or single-color.

The items are presented inside a circle and the download package includes multiple file types: .AI, .EPS, .PDF, and .PNG (64px and 128px).

90 Flat Icons

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  • You may remember Freecns, a detailed icon set which was featured at WRD much earlier.

    Cumulus is another free icon set by the same designer (Yannick Lung). It is a complete weather icons pack (100+) that has items for temperature or wind too.

    The set is available in grey, black + colored and offered in multiple file types (PNG, PDF, EPS and SVG).

    Free Weather Icons - Cumulus

    Dripicons is a good-looking free icon set of 90+ items which are designed in flat style.

    It includes icons that are suitable for web apps, like: arrows, media, charts and more.

    The set is available in many vector formats (PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG) and also as a webfont.


    When discussing about a design with a customer or within the design/development team, everyone has their own approach to ease the process.

    Megan Erin Miller, an experience designer, mentions that she uses a printable kit called Tactile Design Kit.

    This kit consists of multiple items like worksheets for navigation, wireframing, site descriptors and more.

    Tactile Design Kit

    They can either be consumed one-time or laminated for multi-use and all of them are available in multiple formats (PDF, AI, EPS).

    She mentions that, for her experience, the kit simplifies the design conversations by limiting the scope and helping deciding faster (which sounds very reasonable).

    If you want to give them a try, they are totally free to download and use.

    Metrize is a slick set of 300+ vector icons that have a Metro UI-like style.

    The set comes in multiple vector formats (PSD, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF) and as a web font.

    All major items required for web apps are included in the set (like arrows, actions, social networks, etc.).

    And, it can be used freely in both personal + commercial projects (no attribution required).

    Metrize Icons

    In the past, "few resources for sketching websites on paper with ease" was shared at WRD.

    Here is a new one –Responsive Sketchsheets– that fulfills the need of sketching responsive website layouts by ZURB.

    Responsive Sketchsheets

    The download pack includes a single PDF file with multiple scenarios: "only mobile", "mobile and desktop", "tablet (with orientation)".

    Also, another package is provided which includes the standard sketchsheets by the same company.

    When designing websites and/or apps, sketching ideas can help thinking on ideas visually and ease discussing on them.

    Interface Sketch is a pack of free browser sketch sheets for web, mobile and tablet.

    They are available as PDF files, provided in 2 sizes: A4 + US letter and includes the most popular devices like iPad, iPhone 4-5, Nexus Tablet, Android Phone or Windows 8.

    Interface Sketch

    Smashing Magazine has released a very handy freebie for designers/developers that are working on mobile project.

    It is a set of UX sketching and wireframing templates which consists of 2 parts:


    Mobile Sketch And Wireframe Sheets

    This is a pack of 28 printable sketching and wireframing papers (in PDF) for the most popular mobile platforms.

    There are various combinations in the set like actual size, 10 devices fit to a page, and landscape layout.

    Also, an Illustrator file which displays the mobile devices is provided.


    These are papers for easily analyzing the optimal tap areas without playing with a real mobile device.

    It has 9 PDF files that come in different sizes.

    Uptime Robot