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There are impressive frontend frameworks around like Bootstrap, Foundation or Maxmertkit.

Pattern Lab, although having similar features, is not one of them.

It is more a framework for front-end frameworks, a PHP-powered static site generator or your project’s pattern library and frontend style guide.

Pattern Lab

The tool comes with all the base styles for common scenarios like forms, lists, tables, responsive grid and more. But it doesn’t interfere the design at all and leaves it all to you.

Mustache is used as the template language for patterns and new patterns can be created with ease.

For PHP developers, there are 2 major ways to send HTTP requests: cURL or fsockopen. And, it is hard to know which one will be available in your/customer’s hosting.

Requests is a stable PHP library that uses cURL or fsockopen (depending on the availability) and provides a consistent API.

Requests - PHP HTTP Library

It simplifies sending requests, accepts HEAD, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE or PATCH and adding headers, form data + multipart files.

The library also works with international domain names, authentication, auto-decompressing gzipped responses and much more.

To sum up, Requests is a must-bookmark for easy-to-use and hosting-friendly HTTP requests.

RainLoop is a free and open source PHP webmail application for anyone willing to use a single interface for many accounts.

The application has a modern user interface and supports both SMTP + IMAP.

It doesn’t require a database as the e-mails are not stored by the app. The mail server is accessed directly and RainLoop simply displays the e-mails there.

Free PHP Webmail - RainLoop

Multiple accounts are supported and each inbox can be viewed in different tabs with no session conflicts.

RainLoop is capable of handling all major webmail functions and other handy features exist too (like Dropbox/Facebook/Twitter/Google integration, auto-completion of addresses or keyboard shortcuts).

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  • LiteCart is a free and open source shopping cart application that is built with PHP-MySQL.

    It is light, not in means of features but for the usage (less clicks, improved usability..) and for development.


    All the main features of an e-store is offered as a standard and more stuff exist like: product groups, different prices per currency, automatic backups and more.

    And, there is an easy-to-use control panel for setting up the store and managing everything about it.

    Caching and compression of every kb served has a huge effect on site performance.

    Image Cache is a lightweight PHP class that compresses, moves, and caches the image in the user’s browser.

    PHP Image Cache

    After that, it returns the new source of the image to be printed in an image tag which results in a serious gain on load time.

    The class works by simply setting options like the directory, the base URL, etc. and calling a compress function for each image.

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  • Solo is a free project management application that is built with freelancers in mind.

    It is self-hosted, created with PHP and uses MySQL for storing the data.

    The application has a slick interface where a single user (limited to a user) can create any number of projects + tasks and bind them with clients.

    Free Project Management Tool - Solo

    Tasks can be easily searched, reordered with drag ‘n’ drops and files can be attached to them.

    File uploader is also powerful, it can handle multiple files and has inline file previews.

    There is a project calendar to view tasks quickly, an activity stream shows all the footprint of yours and a timer helps you keep track of the time spent for each task/project/client.

    Uni-eCart is a free and open source e-commerce application that is bundled with all the major features expected.

    It is built with PHP and available in several versions where the free one is almost as complete as the others.

    Besides a standard e-commerce store, it is capable of running daily-deals and auctions too.


    The application supports multiple payment gateways, can display related-items, allows users to discuss + comment and share items on social networks.

    On the marketing side, Uni-eCart is again powerful with a mailing list feature and affiliate system.

    A detailed admin panel helps managing the whole site easily and stores with any design can be crated with the support for theming.

    cURL is the most standard way of sending HTTP requests with PHP as it is more powerful than the alternative: fopen.

    Guzzle, a cURL wrapper, makes this function even much better with added features.

    Using this framework, we can send parallel + persistent connections and make use of plugins for caching, OAuth, AWS integration and more.

    Guzzle - PHP HTTP Client

    The framework is very stable, it is even used in Drupal core and can be integrated into any code quickly.

    Guzzle is very well-documented, developed regularly and can be extended easily.

    When debugging PHP code, var_dump(), print_r() and debug_backtrace() are usually our best friends.

    Kint, an open source resource, is a zero-setup replacement that offers a better debugging experience.

    Kint - PHP Debugger

    It smartly detects the type of data being dumped displays tailored alternatives to otherwise hardly readable data.

    The name of the variable, file, its line and the function wrapping it are all presented.

    AfterLogic WebMail Pro is a self-hosted and feature-rich webmail client which has features to attract both end-users and hosters/system admins.

    Info: 3 licenses of the app is being given away. Details can be found at the bottom.

    WebMail Pro has a very good-looking, modern and light interface where browsing through the e-mails is easy and all the controls are positioned where you expect them to be.

    WebMail Pro

    It has complete support for IMAP + SMTP, can filter or forward e-mails, has built-in search and a user-friendly attachment uploader with drag ‘n’ drop support.

    The app is built with PHP-MySQL, can be installed easily, integrates with all the major control panels and a single installation works with multiple domains.

    Also, a user can switch between multiple accounts without logging out and logging in which is a time-saver.

    WebMail Pro Calendar

    There is a powerful calendar for (recurring) events and reminders where all can stay in sync with iOS devices. An address-book exists too.

    And, it works very fast, thanks to a smart caching mechanism that preloads e-mails in the background and displays instantly on-click.

    For integrating WebMail Pro with any other app, a full-featured API is there as well.

    The giveaway

    3 licenses (100 user version) of WebMail Pro is being given away and, in order to join, just comment to this post.

    The winners will be selected a week later (9 September 2013) randomly with the query below:

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    Good luck to all.

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