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Restler is a multi-protocol and open source framework for exposing PHP classes and methods as a REST API.

The framework is lightweight (works only with few files) and can be used by any developer experienced in object oriented PHP with no learning curve.

It works with multiple formats: XML, JSON, Plist and AMF. Also, it is very modular which means creating new formats or features is possible.

Restler - PHP API Framework

Restler can convert formats in both ways (requests and responses) and has support for the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE HTTP requests.

P.S. There is a short and informative slideshow about the framework to get you started easily.

MobileESP is an open source project for easily detecting users browsing the web pages with a mobile browser.

It has server-side versions for PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Ruby and a client-side JavaScript version with light features.

There are methods provided for detecting a specific device (iPhone, Android, WebOS, etc.) or a wider selection if it is a smartphone, tablet, game console, etc.

The project has support for most of the well-known devices and can even identify their capabilities.

Mobile Operating Systems

Many internet users are storing their images on photo sharing/hosting services like Flickr, SmugMug or Picasa to make sure they are easily reachable and backed up regularly.

OpenPhoto is an open source PHP application that encourages users to host their images in the cloud (Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, Google Storage, etc.) on their own and functions as a front-end to manage + present them.


This way, images stay totally under control of users, switching providers become much easier and users won't be limited with the capabilities offered by photo sharing/hosting services.

The front-end has a simplistic interface where photos are displayed as a grid, categorized with tags and searched easily. It is also mobile-friendly and has theming support.

OpenPhoto itself is built on top of the powerful API which makes it possible to improve it or integrate photos with any other apps.

Fork is an open source content management system that offers a user-friendly environment for building and managing a website.

It is built with PHP (uses Spoon)-MySQL and there are various mature extensions offered like a form builder, blogging, location, analytics (integrates with Google Analytics) or newsletter.

Fork CMS

A few number of high-quality themes are offered for free to easily get started and also learn how it integrates with HTML.

Fork is definitely not as feature-rich as WordPress or other popular alternatives but it is lightweight, promising and improved regularly.

letoDMS is an easy to use and setup document management system that is built with PHP-MySQL.

It is a simple-yet-powerful application that can store any type of files under folders/categories with an unlimited hierarchy by keeping the versions of them.

Everything is completely web-based including uploads and, optionally, display of documents (if not downloaded). It can even auto-convert MS-Word documents to HTML.


Multiple users can work with the system with no conflicts as there is a lock/unlock mechanism on documents. And, access control lists (ACL) exist for making sure that each user can work with the documents theat they are permitted to.

letoDMS has various other features that simplify its usage like advanced search, themable + multilanguage interface and much more.