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phpFreeChat is a free and open source PHP chat application that doesn’t require any database to run but rather uses the filesystem for it.

It can be used at the same time by any number of users, has a responsive layout that works in mobile too and has a modular authentication system which can be integrated into any app.


The application has 2 parts:

  • server: a PHP-powered engine that accepts REST commands and handles the chat logic
  • client: a jQuery plugin that communicates with the server and displays the chat interface

phpFreeChat is pretty simple in functionality yet support for multiple rooms, smileys and a “new message notification” will be added soon.

For any dynamic website, if it is not the performance of the network/server, database queries are usually the source of performance issues.

They should be optimized for sure and minimized with the help of caching.

PHP caching library - phpFastCache

phpFastCache is an open source PHP caching library that comes as a single-file and can be integrated so quickly.

It has support for multiple caching methods (apc, memcache, memcached, wincache, files, pdo and mpdo), the period of caching can be defined and has a very simplified API.

Web apps are taking the places of desktop apps and the same is happening to our development tools as well.

ICEcoder is an open source and web-based IDE that is built with PHP and works fast.

It works by simply dropping its app folder to anywhere we prefer and any files there (and inside subfolders) are ready to be edited.


The syntax of the code is highlighted, broken tags and HTML structure are displayed + allows selecting them easily.

There is support for Emmet and comes bundled with Adminer (for managing MySQL).

ICEcoder has a powerful JavaScript API for easily interacting with it and it works with many popular languages (PHP, JS, CSS, LESS, Ruby, etc.).

Today, HTTP requests are used widely in websites as we fetch data using APIs, get screenshots or AJAX requests.

Unirest is a pack of lightweight HTTP libraries for many languages (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java And Objective-C).


It has support for GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, DELETE operations and its methods + response structure are the same in all languages.

The usage is very simple and straightforward. Also, it is documented well.

When we need to update the styles of websites that are already online, we either perform the change locally (if we have the source with us) or FTP-edit it.

bluePen Editor is a PHP-powered CSS editor that can be installed to any static or dynamic website and makes live CSS editing possible.

bluePen CSS Editor

Once triggered (with a bookmarklet), it opens the editor widget and makes all HTML elements hoverable so that blupePen can locate the CSS rules of them (like Chrome Dev Tools).

It has features like color-picker, file manager, ruler, color comparison and more.

The editor keeps track of the changes made and auto-backups them in case you prefer to revert the styles.

Whoops is a PHP library for handling errors and debugging them much easily.

The library provides stack-based error handling with a good-looking error interface.

PHP Error Reporting Library - Whoops

It has a simple API for dealing with exceptions, trace frames + their data and can integrate with any framework (ready-to-use integrations exist for end and Silex).

Whoops has no dependencies to run and has the ability to open referenced files directly in your editor and IDE.

When it comes to the word “social network”, Facebook and Twitter are probably the first ones that come to the mind. And, creating a new one can sounds like “creating an alternative to them (which is kinda crazy)”.

However, there are lots of niche social networks out there which are used by millions of people. And, creating a new one is not something crazy, actually, something not that hard.

Dolphin - Social Network Builder

Dolphin, a professional PHP web application, is the most popular self-hosted solution for building such communities.

The application has all the core features (and more) that can be expected from social networks like connecting with friends, status updates, messaging, chats, image/video sharing, groups or events.

Members can discuss on forums, have personal pages or blogs and there are even e-commerce features where the site owner and/or members can create stores and sell stuff.

Visitors can register with their e-mails or sign-up with Facebook Connect to see which other Facebook friends are there (also invite them).

Dolphin Demo

Considering audio/video is shared too much on social networks and handling audio/video streaming +processing can be expensive, Dolphin has a custom media server that takes care of this.
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Medoo is a lightweight (~8kb) PHP framework for working with SQL databases.

The framework comes as a single file and works with MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite (and more).

Medoo - PHP Database Framework

It has methods for all the common SQL queries and controls for preventing SQL injention.

Medoo is simple-yet-handy and it is very well-documented.

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  • RazorFlow is a PHP framework for easily creating dashboards that work well on all major devices and browsers.

    It works by simply inserting a single PHP file into any app, feeding it with data and choosing the output type.

    RazorFlow PHP Dashboard Framework

    The outputs can be charts (many chart types are supported), data grids or items that display a single value.

    They are all interactive, have support for filtering the data and, like mentioned, they are responsive.

    RazorFlow can connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite databases.

    For NoSQL fans, MongoDB is definitely the most popular solution with the simplicity and cross-platform support offered.

    In order to manage MongoDB databases easily, Genghis, a single-file, self-hosted and web-based solution is pretty handy.

    Genghis MongoDB Admin

    It can be installed either as a Ruby gem or as a standalone PHP script.

    Genghis is capable of managing any number of databases on any number of servers with support for managing databases, collections and documents.

    The interface of the application is responsive and works well down to mobile.

    Uptime Robot