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Koken is a free and self-hosted CMS (PHP-MySQL) that is focused on building websites where portfolio/gallery is in the core (like designer or photographer sites).

The application has a powerful media manager for the images and videos. It allows organizing items as categories, date captured, license and more.

It has a simple and flexible content editor that allows editing with live previews. Also, inserting media, slideshows or social content (like tweets, Flickr, Instagram and Vimeo) is possible.


Koken has a templating engine for building new themes. And, it is currently in beta but will soon have plugins for extending further.

Also, for Adobe Lightroom users, there is a free “publish services” plugin for easily updating, editing and replacing content.

BugKick is an open source bug tracking and task management application (source is hosted on GitHub) that is “light” in means of features (which i sometimes nice).

It is built with PHP-MySQL and allows teams to define projects, add tasks to them (which can be tagged with anything like “bug” or “feature request”) and assign to teammates.


Discussions under each task is possible, status updates about each of them are delivered via e-mail and closed ones are not deleted but kept.

There is an API for integrating it into our own apps and a JavaScript snippet + a contact form helps users to submit bugs too.

When starting a new project, it is usually a very good idea to re-use code. This can be your own snippets or a library/framework. They save so much time. And, working with stable code makes sense.

Eden is an open source and free PHP library for developing fast. It includes lots of components for auto-loading, event driven, file systems, caching, templating, i18n, databases, web services, payment gateways, shipping and cloud technologies.

Eden PHP Library

To give a better opinion, it has ready-to-use functions for working with Google services (Youtube, Drive, Contacts, Analytics, Checkout, Maps), Facebok, Twitter, Tumblr, PayPal,, FedEx, UPS, Amazon + Rackspace Clouds and much more.

And, not even counting standard features like database, e-mail, templating, etc.

If you are using any CMS or PHP frameworks, that is ok too as Eden plays well with others like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Symfony, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, Laravel and even Titanium.

Forward is a fresh e-commerce application (that is in the alpha stage) built with PHP and using MongoDB for storing data.

The application is free, open source and built with developers in mind makes with easy custom coding, powerful templates and expressive syntax.

It has a REST-like API for interacting with every feature from orders to customers or products.

Forward PHP E-Commerce

Thanks to MongoDB, the capabilities of the store is not limited to the default database schema and it is a breeze to have new fields/structures for everything.

Design of the storefront can be changed with a powerful templating engine (Smarty 3) and the backend is built with Bootstrap.

Mobile_Detect is an open source PHP class for detecting mobile devices.

It uses the User-Agent string combined with various HTTP headers in order to detect the mobile environment.

The class can easily understand whether the platform is mobile, tablet or desktop.

PHP Mobile Detect

Also, functions exist for detecting whether it is iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.

And, we can even drill-down to the versions of the platforms and browsers if needed.

It has a huge library of devices (including Nook, Nexus, Kindle, Archos..) and browsers for a stable detection.

F.A.Q. pages are the most standard way online for informing and guiding users to help them find the answers to their questions about the service/app.

phpMyFAQ is a pretty stable and open source PHP F.A.Q. application that has many features for building a good F.A.Q. system.

A powerful admin interface exists for managing the categories, entries,  users and also viewing the stats.


It is possible to enable users to ask or answer questions and comment to them or keep it admins-only.

There is an advanced search system empowering users to locate the related answers with ease.

The F.A.Q. page has some ready-to-use modules like “most popular, latest or sticky questions”.

Its look and feel can be customized with HTML-CSS, interface has multi-language support and all questions-answers can be exported as a PDF (with automated table of contents).

LemonStand LogoLemonStand is a professional PHP shopping cart application that allows anyone to create a fully-functional store.

It has support for featuring any number of products within an unlimited category structure.

Actually, customizability is baked into LemonStand’s DNA, it starts with the theming where any HTML-CSS_JS can be used and goes with the features integrated.

The app can be used to sell physical or digital products, services and even subscriptions. A solid product management system exists to control everything from inventory to product details and importing/exporting bulk items.

LemonStand Homepage

Built-in marketing tools exist to help self-promote the store like the ability to create custom landing pages for products and categories, product bundling, coupon system, newsletters and more.

Also, a content management module enables creating a blog or content for any page and also maintaining the comments, galleries or testimonials. Read the rest of this entry »

CometChat is a Facebook-like chat application (which was featured before at WRD) with many features.

They are running a huge Black Friday Sale and also giving away 3 Basic licenses to WRD readers.


The application is built with PHP, sits in the footer of the websites and allows users/visitors to interact with each other via text or video chat.

It integrates tightly into many popular applications (WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin, phpFox, SocialEngine, etc.) and can be easily setup to work with custom websites.

Besides chatting with website users, it also supports Facebook + Google Talk and can display friends from them as well.

CometChat New Version

CometChat users can also make file transfers between each other, share each others screens and even play lots of games.

Also, a recently released version adds a mobile interface to all the functionality, moderation support for chatrooms, chat history and 10000+ games.

The Black Friday Sale

They are running an exciting sale until Sunday where Platinum Edition + Desktop Messenger is offered for $449 (one time) rather than $699.

For anyone willing to get CometChat, this may be a good opportunity.

The giveaway

CometChat is giving away 3 Basic licenses to WRD readers. In order join the giveaway:

  • share your thoughts on “which CometChat feature you liked the most” as comments

and the winners will be selected randomly 1 week later (30 November 2012) with the query below:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=3358 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • der_robert (comment #863417)
  • Faiban Bitter (comment #864523)
  • Priyank (comment #863678)

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for joining the giveaway.

Git, Subversion and other version control systems are great for managing projects within a team and making sure that everyone in the team gets the latest versions of each file.

However, versioning databases is not a built-in feature in such systems and they should definitely be synchronized too.

DBV is an open source and PHP-powered application that can help us include databases in to the version control system we are using.

Database Version Control

Once installed, it tracks each schema/record change (tables, rows, columns, views, functions, etc.) and allows us to export a SQL file reflecting the change (to a folder we want).

As this SQL file will also be committed with th version control system we are using, it’ll be received with other team members.

DBV supports MySQL by default and has a simple interface to implement connectors for any other databases.

We need different sizes of an image for responsive layouts so that they fit perfectly and so that visitors won’t need to download the full size when they are viewing from smaller screens.

However, it can be pretty time-consuming to create images with different sizes and “what is we need different sizes in the future”?

Responsive Img is a solution to all which combines a jQuery plugin with a PHP image pre-processor.

Responsive Img

The plugin enables the page to change the src attributes of the images in parallel to the container width and the PHP file auto-creates the new/resized images.

Images are only created when requested for the first time and this process won’t be repeated for future requests to perform better.

It is possible to define the breakpoints and image dimensions for each breakpoint

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