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Modular Grid Pattern is a website which enables you to create customizable grids in several ways.

The first one is a free Adobe Photoshop extension (CS5 compatible) provided which makes creating the grid directly inside the application possible.

Modular Grid Pattern

Also, there is an online generator where you can mention baseline, gutter, module width/height, number of modules and the width of the layout where the application creates:

  • PNG pattern (for GIMP)
  • Photoshop pattern
  • transparency mask (for Adobe Fireworks)


(ico)trip is a website which creates/shares a new icon and makes it downloadable as a .PNG file each day.

Rather than widely used icons, the project focuses on items that we may not find elsewhere.


Icons are mono-colored, in 126*94px size and they are all very detailed.

The website also has a RSS feed which you can subscribe to get the new icon every day.

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  • Webportio is a website that offers 100+ free graphic resources for Adobe Fireworks (the collection is growing regularly).

    Items include buttons, calendars, forms, ribbons, sliders and many other ones. They are very well-categorized so you can find a specific object quickly.


    All graphic files are vector-based which makes customizing easier and have a good structure of layers.

    Even if you're not a Fireworks user, resources can still be handy as they come in .PNG format.

    Darran Morris, a creative mobile app. user interface and icon designer, is sharing a set of 64 free icons.

    The icons are created with iOS applications in mind and cover most of the icons that an application may need.

    iOS Icons

    Items include actions, player buttons, messages, communication and more.

    However, they can be used in websites as well considering the items are very detailed.

    They come in 2 sizes: 26*26px and 52*52px, both in transparent PNG formats.

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  • InstantShift, a lovely blog on web designs and development, is sharing a set of high-quality social bookmarking icons named "SocialShift".

    The set has icons of almost ever well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Flickr and more.

    There are 82 items in the set in .PNG format where each object comes with 3 different sizes: 16*16px, 32*32px and 64*64px.


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