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Free icons are great resources for web designers as quality ones help creating beautiful outputs. But they are better when they come with the source files as it is possible to edit/improve them.

Smashing Magazine is sharing Flavour Extended icon set, a set of 450+ icons, that is created by Oliver Twardowski.

Free PSD Icon Set

Icons are in 48*48px size & PNG format. PSD source files are also included.

The set contains icons of users, folders, file formats, actions, social bookmarking services & more.

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  • Onebit is a free icon set that is created by Icojoy.

    The set is suitable to be used in web applications as it contains the most used icons like arrows, add-delete-cancel-ok, save, users & more.

    It contains 50 icons in PNG format with 48*48px sizes.

    Quality And Free Icon Set

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  • Pattern8 is a website that presents beautiful & free repeating patterns.

    A nice feature is the ability of sorting patterns by color that helps finding a pattern that will fit the overall of the design.

    There are currently 90+ patterns & new ones are added frequently.


    P.S. Pattern8 is a fork of PatternHead, a website that offers free vector and pixel patterns but with a wider content. It is also a place to find vector formats of the most patterns in Pattern8.

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  • is presenting free buttons with different designs in PSD format (PNG file exists too).

    Currently there are 20 of them & they are great for inspiration or being used directly. Besides downloading the buttons one-by-one, a full-download link is also offered.

    Free PSD Buttons

    Besides colors or objects, using animals in design to express an emotion is a very common method. Just like the lion in MGM which shows the power or Twitter’s bird spreading cuteness.

    Although there are lots of animal themed design resources, it is almost impossible to find an organized one. So, here is a collection of 35+ free Photoshop animal brushes, vectors & icons to use or to get inspired.


    Photoshop Animal Brushes

    Various Animal Brushes (20 in the set)

    Photoshop Animal Brushes

    Ancient-Like Animal Brushes (5 in the set)

    Photoshop Ancient Animal Brushes

    Animal Prints (32 brushes)

    Animal Print Brushes

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    SEM Labs is featuring a set of free icons (200+) named Web Blog Icon Pack.

    The set has a wide selection of icons from arrows to actions & e-mail icons to user icons.

    Web Blog Icons

    Icons are 48*48px size each and comes as .PNG files.

    Considering the icons in the pack, they can be easily used in a web application’s front or back-end as the pack covers all the frequently used ones.

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  • Splashy Icons is a free set of 460+ icons where new ones are added regularly.

    The icon set contains almost any image, from arrows to actions or user icons to e-mail icons, that makes it ideal for web applications.

    Web App. Icons

    Icons are in PNG format & 16*16px size. They are totally free to use.

    The whole set can be previewed here.

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  • Color Pallete Generator is a free web-based application that is creates the color palette of an uploaded image.

    It supports .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG images & creates 4 levels of palettes: light, medium, dark, complete.

    Color Palette Generator

    The generator also prepares the related files for CSS & Photoshop swatches of the color palette created.

    P.S. Up to 1 mb can be uploaded.

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  • WooThemes is presenting a quality icon set that includes 79 images named WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set.

    Icons are in both PNG / GIF formats & sized at 256×256 pixels.

    WooThemes Icon Set

    The set has all the major icons that a web application may need like arrows, add-update-delete, RSS, file or search icons.

    They can be used both in personal & commercial projects.

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  • IconsPedia is presenting a beautiful & free icons named Weby Icon Set.

    The set consists of 100 icons from social bookmarking to credit card processors like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal & shopping basket icons.

    Free Web Application Icons

    Icons are in 64*64px size & in PNG, ICO, ICNS formats.

    They are free to use both in personal & commercial projects.

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