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For e-commerce websites, icons and buttons for payment processors are always needed.

Pepsized, a creative website providing design freebies and tutorials, is sharing a huge set of free buttons for payment services.

Payment Buttons

There are 75 items in the set and all have 2 sizes (99×66px and 64×43px) in PNG format.

Also, a blank PSD button exists for creating any new ones.

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  • For anyone developing games, there is always a huge demand of high-quality graphics for the characters, objects, backgrounds and more.

    Game-Icons is a project providing 900+ free icons (and growing) to be used for games but they can also be used for any other projects.

    The items are in .SVG and .PNG formats, they are very well-categorized and can be used in commercial projects as well.

    Game Icons

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  • Everybody loves high-quality and free icons with a massive number of items and Gemicon is an exciting set that will surely get your love.

    This set consists of 600+ icons that are available in both PNG and PSD.

    Gemicon Icon Set

    It is offered in multiple sizes (16*16px, 32*32px, 64*64px) and PSD version is created as a shape layer so that it can scale.

    Gemicon is completely free to be used in both personal + commercial projects.

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  • Endless Icons is a website which regularly features a new icon every few days.

    All the icons are black and white colored and there are sketchy/hand-drawn ones as well.

    It features icons of charts, foods, sports and various other elements (kinda random).

    They are all free-to-use in personal + commercial projects and come in PNG format.

    Endless Icons

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  • There are various solutions exist for compressing and minimizing the size of images (like Smush.itPNGGauntlet, punypng, and more).

    Here is another good one: TinyPNG that only works with PNG files, shrinks them -nearly- without loss that an eye can see and by keeping the transparency.

    TinyPNG - Image Shrinker

    It works by drag 'n' drop uploading the images to be minimized to the web interface and auto-generates the compressed ones.

    Using TinyPNG, it is easily possible to get 50%+ smaller sized images as they are converted to 8-bit PNGs (rather than 24bit) by using smart techniques.