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SCM Music Player is an open source and web-based music player application that is built on top of the popular JavaScript sound API:  SoundManager.

The player sits on the top or bottom of web pages, has support for playlists where listeners can easily choose from and plays MP3, MP4, RSS podcasts or Youtube playlists.

SCM Music Player

Multiple skins exist to choose from and few options like default volume, autostart or shuffle playback helps helps customizing it more.

By default, the player would work as an external player from the domain of the resource however, it can be downloaded and installed on your own domain pretty easily.

Lilina is an open source PHP application for aggregating feeds from a web-based interface.

It supports RSS, Atom & podcasts inside them. It is also possible to import/export feeds with an OPML file.

Lilina RSS Aggregator

The application only requires PHP(5) to run & makes use of 2 built-in libraries: HTML Purifier and SimplePie.

Lilina has a plugin system for extending its capabilities & the look/feel can be customized with the theming support.

Markup Factory is an impressive web publishing platform for web designers & developers.

Markup Factory

It is a hosted-platform where you can create simple to complex websites easily with features including:

  • content management system
  • blog
  • calendar
  • event registration
  • online store
  • podcasting
  • newsletter management
  • & much more.

And, you or your customers can manage all the features with a powerful content management & administration interface.

Markup Factory

I have been playing with Markup Factory for a while & the best part is, it does not limit or force you to a new way of development.

It presents you all the logics of a website, blog, online store etc., you continue developing how you used to, creating the template, css, even add JS functions if you want but don’t deal with the time-consuming programming part and take advantage of the ready-to-use modules.

Markup Factory is built with web standards in mind. It has a powerful template engine that supports native XHTML – CSS and system modules have valid XHTML outputs from end to end.

Markup Factory CMS

There are also 2 "in-beta" features that are about to make the system much powerful:

  • built-In customizable online database
  • form builder

The application is very well-documented & not complicated. This makes the adaption period shorter.

Markup Factory is offering different packages for different requirements.

For an example Markup Factory built website, check

For an overview/tour of the system, click here.


Markup Factory is complete website creation platform for web designers/developers. It will enable you to create a  complicated website with a blog, e-commerce features, event registration, calendar, etc in a very short time.

On the other hand, the website manager will be able to manage the whole content & system easily (when needed, there is a ready-to-use documentation).

P.S. This post is a review.