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Transitioning from digital design to print design is no easy task. It requires a fundamental understanding of the print medium along with the underlying software. Although learning the fundamentals of CMYK and paper quality is just a matter of reading, you’ll need to do quite a bit of practice to master print design software.

If you want to get into print design then please take a look over these 20 InDesign tutorials. They range from beginner to intermediate with something for everyone. Whether you want to design magazines, CD covers, or style guides, these tutorials can get you there.

eBook Cover Design

indesign ebook cover howto

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If you are out of business cards or just about to start your business, here is a giveaway that may reach your help., the popular online printing company, is giving away die cut business cards to 5 WRD readers (250 pieces/each).

What is UPrinting?

It is a very easy-to-use service for getting anything printed; brochures, calendars, catalogs, envelopes, stickers, flyers, magnets, business cards, etc.

You can upload your own designs, use their web-based design app or make use of the templates offered.

UPrinting Business Cards

There are many options for the papers to be used, sizes, corners and more so you can get exactly the print needed.

They offer a quick turnaround for every online printing job and have a 24 hour customer support that makes sure any questions you may have are answered.

Details of the business cards given away?

5 readers get the chance of winning 250 pieces of business cards each. Here are the details of the business cards:

  • Sizes to choose from:
    • 2 x 3.5" Rounded Corners, 2×2" Rounded Corners, 1.75×3.5" Rounded Corners, 2×3.5" Leaf, 2×3.5
    • Rounded one corner, 2×3.5" Half Circle Side, 2×3.5" Oval, 2.5" Circle
  • Paper to choose from:
    • 14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated

They come with 6 business days free shipping (including international winners).

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Few days ago, a post had announced the giveaway of 2×100 Postcards to WRD readers by UPrinting.

Today, the winners are selected and can be found at the bottom of this post. To remember:

What is UPrinting?

It is an online service to easily get any type of print from business cards to envelopes or stickers to calendars and much more.

You can get the pre-designed files to be printed or use customizable templates offered by them.

UPrinting Eco-Friendly Printing

The postcard printing has multiple paper options, can be printed on front/back and, best of all, can be mailed by UPrinting.

And the winners:

The query mentioned is ran and here are the winners of this online printing giveaway:

  • Andrew Stinson (comment #179175)
  • Darren (comment #179299)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for joining it.

UPrinting, the popular online printing company, is giving away 2 sets of 100 4*6 postcards to WRD readers.

What is UPrinting?

The service enables anyone to easily order prints for business cards, envelopes, stickers , calendars or almost any other print job for affordable prices.

It is possible to print the pre-designed files or create new ones using the customizable templates offered.

UPrinting Postcards

The postcard printing has multiple paper options, can be printed on front/back and, best of all, can be mailed by UPrinting.

How to join the giveaway?

2 sets of 100 4×6 Postcards to be printed on "14pt Cardstock Gloss" paper with "4 Color Both Sides Printing" are given away.

Few Rules:

  • You should be over 18 years old to join the giveaway.
  • Items will be shipped free with UPS (U.S only, for other countries, shipping must be paid by the winner).

To join this online printing giveaway, simply comment to this post and the winners will selected with the query below on 30 July 2010:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_id=1757 AND comment_approved=1 AND comment_type='' GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 2

Good luck to all : ).

As we know, Internet Explorer 6,7 and 8 do not support the new HTML5 elements which result in messy outputs.

However, thanks to Remy Sharp, there is the popular HTML5 enabling script which adds HTML5 capabilities to IE.

It is a great script and supports most of the HTML5 elements but missing one feature which is "printing HTML5 elements from IE"..

IE Print Protector

There is now an alternative named IE Print Protector which helps IE to render HTML5 elements correctly, both on screen and in print.

It simply replaces HTML5 elements with supported fallback elements (like div and span) when you print.

And, it doesn't forget to create temporary styles in parallel to the replaced ones to match the look and feel.