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ProtoChart is an open source canvas chart library built with Prototype.

This library is highly inspired from Flot, Flotr and PlotKit & it enables us to create different chart types on the fly.

Prototype Canvas Charts

Features of this chart library:

  • Line, bar, pie, curve, mix, and area charts available
  • Multiple data series on same graph
  • Highly customizable legend support
  • Customizable grid, grid border, background
  • Customizable axis-tick values (both x and y)
  • Supports: IE6/7, FF2/3 and Safari
  • Even works on an iPhone!

As IE6 does not support the canvas tag, Excanvas library is used for compatibility.

Live search is a great way of improving usability, specially if you have a serious amount of data to search. No going back & further and your users can see the results as they type.

QuickSilver has a great interface which accepts abbreviations as the input like writing wrdprss rather than WordPress.

JavaScript Live Search

John Nunemaker had published a QuickSilver style Prototype live search and the ported it to jQuery.

John Resig (creator of jQuery) played with it more and re-ported it to jQuery (which seems to be the final version for now : ) ).

Update (07.08.2008): And a MooTools version of the code.

This is a jQuery plugin which enables you to preload images mentioned in CSS.

It is useful to prevent the flickering & loading period happens when an image is being loaded at rollover states, Ajax loaders, toggle effects & more.

CSS Image Preloading

The plugin can pull any image in the CSS independent from the folders they are placed in.


Here is a version of this image preloading script ported to Prototype.

DhoniShow is an easy to setup image gallery script built with Prototype &

The transitions between the images can also be updated with simple parameters too.

Prototype Image Gallery

How to use this image gallery?

  • Insert the Prototype, and dhonishow.js files into your webpage.
  • Create a div element with the class=dhonishow and add any number of images inside the div. Like this:

<div class="dhonishow">
  <img src="img/cute_cat.jpg" alt="My cute cat." />
  <img src="img/cute_dog.jpg" alt="My cute dog." />
  <img src="img/cute_hamster.jpg" alt="My cute hamster." />

Phototype is a client/server-side image manipulation library, based on Prototype and supports all kinds of image manipulations.

JavaScript Image Manipulation

How it works?

Clientside JavaScript codes sends the commands to the serverside PHP – GD library image renderer and displays the rendered image.

Using Phototype, you are able to rotate, resize, flip and do some other cool effects to images.

There are lots of JavaScript color pickers which work great but there are few which are similar to the Photoshop’s color picker.

This JavaScript color picker has HSB and RGB options, uses Prototype and compatible with all major browsers.

JavaScript Color Picker

This script can be a solution for users who are looking for an advanced color picker in their applications.

Control Suite is a set of 6 high quality widgets and controls built with the Prototype JavaScript framework.

Each script is well tested, highly extensible and unobstrusive.

Select Multiple Textbox With Prototype

Suite has these widgets and controls:

  • Tab
  • Modal
  • TextArea
  • Select Multiple
  • Rating
  • Progress Bar

Different approach to star rating:

Prototype Star Rating

Suite is very well documented. You can easily reach the details of the APIs and this makes the product much more usable.

Smart Lists, a light-weight (8KB) framework extension, converts HTML lists into categorized, paginated lists. And, It does not require a database or server-side script.

It can be applied to existing lists with very little effort, providing a significant bump in usability.

Prototype Liste Extension

Smart List is easily configurable with different hide/show effects for items and changing pages, speed of the effects and number of the items for paging.

Besides supporting all the major modern browsers, it degrades gracefully for unsupported browsers.

ProtoFlow is an open source content viewing application built with Prototype & which functions similar to the famous iTunes Cover Flow.

You can browse through the content (it supports all the HTML elements) with mouse clicks or a JavaScript slider.

Prototype Cover Flow

It is mentioned that the application may have more features in the future like auto-play and image reflection.

For JavaScript and AJAX applications, Taffy DB is a beautiful tool.

Taffy DB is an open source JavaScript library that acts as a data layer inside the applications. Just think of it as a SQL database in your web browser.

JavaScript Database Library

Let’s say you have a collection of products and you want to find every product that costs less than $10 and is not a book. Simple, just write some JavaScript:

Major features:

  • Under 10K!
  • Simple, JavaScript Centric Syntax
  • Fast
  • Easy to include in any web application
  • Compatible with major Ajax libraries: YUI, JQuery, Dojo, Prototype, EXT, etc
  • CRUD Interface (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Sorting
  • Looping
  • Advanced Queries

Check out the Getting Started Guide for Taffy DB‘s capabilities.

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