Tag: Python

NINJA-IDE: A Powerful IDE For Developing Python Apps

If you are always developing with a specific language, using a development tool that is built specifically for that language can ease the process. NINJA-IDE is an open source and free development tool that focuses on Python developers at first but has support for code highlighting for various languages. It has a ...


How To Use Strftime To Format Date & Time?

strftime, the popular function for formatting date-time (with PHP, Ruby, Python and C) has many parameters which are usually hard to remember. There are several web-based references that ease the usage of strftime by enabling us to view the details of each parameter and test them instantly. Here they are: ...


Open Source CSS Editing & Hosting Service: WebPutty

WebPutty is an application that enables us to write CSS code with an online, feature-rich, syntax-highlighted editor and see the changes in real-time with a side-by-side preview panel. The CSS file is hosted by the service so that any changes made are instantly reflected to the live website. And, you can host any ...


CSS Sprite Generator – Spritemapper

CSS sprites are great for minimizing the number of requests made for loading images, however, the design and coding part can be painful if there are too many images. Spritemapper is a tool for easing this process by merging multiple images into a single one and creating the CSS positioning rules for each slice. The ...


SSHMeIn – Open Source & Ajaxed App. For Managing Servers

SSHMeIn is a totally Ajaxed and open source web application that helps managing remote Unix servers behind firewalls. Once a SSH tunnel is opened within the server, the application can control it easily. If you are managing multiple servers, they can be organized in groups for easier access. It has an increased ...


Open Source Status Page For Cloud Services & APIs – Stashboard

Status pages like Apps Status of Google or AWS Service Health Dashboard help users of a service a lot to find out if there are any problems with the service or not. Stashboard is an open source status dashboard for cloud service and APIs that enables you to inform the users about the status of your service. It is ...