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Pop Easy is a jQuery plugin for quickly creating completely customizable modals.

The plugin is lightweight (2kb) and has support for displaying any HTML element, including videos.

Regarding the design, the default modal already has a good-looking interface and it can be changed/improved with CSS.

jQuery Modal Box Plugin - Pop Easy

There are options for customizing the animation used when the modal appears, its speed, the opacity, if it’ll be opened onLoad and more.

Considering the size, the plugin is very useful. One thing seems to be missing for now is the built-in ability to load remote data (Ajax).

Single page websites became so much popular with the simplicity they offer for browsing content. And, the same popularity is valid for the parallax effect.

MightyDeals is running a deal that brings these 2 web trends and offering 20 one-page and parallaxed templates (by Flashmint) for a much discounted price.

MightyDeals Parallax Templates

The items in the bundle are all responsive and can be customized completely (they include the PSD sources).

Normally, the set is priced $681 but offered for $19 for a limited time.

It is definitely a good deal for anyone looking to build a good-looking and simple-yet-functional website quickly

Web Start Today is a web-based site builder service that simplifies creating websites that look and behave good.

The service has 1000s of templates where each of them has versions with different color schemes.

Besides any standard templates, there is an increasing list of responsive ones which guarantee that the website will work fine on screen sizes from mobile-to-desktop.


And, they are all categorized per industry which simplifies locating the right template quickly.

Any number of pages can be added, they can be customized live (while browsing) and any type of media can be used (image, video, audio).

Sites created with Web Start Today are SEO-friendly and they come with robust hosting.


Also, they provide an “Hire a Pro” feature which can design the site, write the content and SEO-optimize it for you (all or any).

The service is free when used with a sub-domain and gets paid when you prefer to use your own domain.

The giveaway

Web Start Today is giving away 5 * annual plans to WRD readers and, in order to join, you can choose one of the methods below or do both to increase your chances;

Winners will be selected randomly a week later (5 Jun 2013) and announced in this post:

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Good luck to all.

The winners

Here they are:

  • Guennadi (comment #1266114)
  • eus (comment #1266137)
  • Abdou (comment #1266113)
  • Alexandre (comment #1266128)
  • vu huynh (comment #1266124)

Congratulations and thanks very much for joining.

It is so good to see new and quality frameworks are being introduced regularly by the web design/development community.

Pure is a fresh one that is created by Yahoo!. It uses Normalize.CSS and doesn’t use any JavaScript but only HTML-CSS.

Pure by Yahoo!

The framework is built with responsive layouts in mind and has styles for typography, grids, forms, buttons, tables and navigation.

Markup used is very simple and the whole framework is pretty lightweight (5.7KB minified and gzipped).

Also, it is modular and styles for each module can be used separately.

Least.js is a jQuery-powered image gallery that can display images in a Pinterest-like layout.

The images are displayed from an unordered list where their order is randomized on each load.


Any clicked image doesn’t load the bigger version in a modal but by sliding other items down and the big version on the top (kinda similar to Google Image search).

The gallery makes use of HTML5-CSS3 features and works good on responsive layouts.

Skel.js is a tiny JavaScript framework (~6kb gzipped and minified) that simplifies building responsive layouts very much.

It has a JavaScript-powered and 12-column grid system that can handle any type of complex layouts + has easy-to-understand rules.

Managing breakpoints is just about adding the width ranges in the options of the skel.js‘ main function.


There is a plugin system for extending it further (a UI plugin is mentioned to be released soon).

Also, many helpful options exist like the ability to applying reset.css or normalize.css and defining the box model instantly.

Users with modern browsers are increasing each day and making use of features like HTML5 audio sounds more and more logical.

AudioPlayer.js is a jQuery plugin for quickly placing a HTML5-powered audio player to any web page.

jQuery HTML5 Audio Player

The player’s interface is chic (doesn’t use any images for that), has a responsive layout and touch support.

It has the major controls (play/pause, volume and duration) and weights only 4kb.

phpFreeChat is a free and open source PHP chat application that doesn’t require any database to run but rather uses the filesystem for it.

It can be used at the same time by any number of users, has a responsive layout that works in mobile too and has a modular authentication system which can be integrated into any app.


The application has 2 parts:

  • server: a PHP-powered engine that accepts REST commands and handles the chat logic
  • client: a jQuery plugin that communicates with the server and displays the chat interface

phpFreeChat is pretty simple in functionality yet support for multiple rooms, smileys and a “new message notification” will be added soon.

CSS frameworks are great to save time from recreating rules for typography, forms, tables, etc.

However, they are not that great for everyone. There are many designers/developers that prefer to recreate such stuff from scratch so that each of their work looks/feels different. Or, many others have their own CSS snippets that fasten the development.


If you are one of these designers/developers and looking for only a grid system but nothing more, Fitgrd can be a good fit : ).

Fitgrd is a responsive grid system with 12 columns and no strict sizes for the min-max widths.

Each column has 2 percent of margin on both sides and everything works with percentages.

It is so good that the web gets more and more lightweight with the use of modern web technologies.

Few days ago, WRD had shared the pure CSS gallery and now CSS Modal, a solution to create modal boxes with CSS.

CSS Modal

They can be used to display any HTML content and designed to work in responsive layouts.

JavaScript is used only for improving the experience (Esc key support, firing events..) and it is also available as a SASS plugin.

Uptime Robot